Trump’s Energy Plan Fact Check

Yesterday, Donald Trump gave a speech on energy policy at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, a fossil fuels industry meeting held in Bismarck, North Dakota. The following is a transcript of that speech, annotated in red

I have spent 2 days doing the research and backing up my comments, but if you find anything you feel is wrong please submit your evidence and ill make corrections where needed.  Unlike Mr. Trump, I don’t have a problem admitting I’m wrong.

I have introduced a new term Trump Truth which I explain  later, but it was needed do to the fact that Trump has brought lying to a new level and traditional terms for people who are pathological liars don’t even fit.

I broke it down into 106 separate statements and rated them either as true, lie or neutral.  I also noted the ones where it was clear he did not even understand the thing he was talking about, true or false and noted Ignorant on them.

Here is how it broke down





Now if you want you can review my checking, but I spent lots of time and have support for whatever ranking I gave it so I don’t think anyone is going to find more then a few errors if any.

But even if there are a few, consider those numbers for a second.  Someone who we are supposed to consider as a serious candidate for POTUS gave a speech outlining a major policy area and out of 106 things he said 79 of them were flat lies.

I am going to start breaking down all of his stuff moving forward because our media has fallen down on the job and they seem to be wiling to pretend like Trump is just like anyone else running for office.  Pretending that his lies are just like all politicians, and that is simply not true.

His lying is, by definition, pathological, his lack of even basic understanding of simple concepts is scary as is his ignorance, and his willingness to then incite violence, give credence to hatred and bigotry and appeal to the worst and ugliest in people should terrify anyone who loves this country.

I’m delighted to be in North Dakota, a state at the forefront of a new energy revolution. Actually, the new energy revolution is green energy, fracking (which ND is the 2nd largest USA producer of natural gas has been around for 25yrs.

If he was referring to jobs, while ND was growing and had the lowest unemployment for 7yrs running until this year, ND is definitely at the forefront of the BUST and is laying off tens of thousands of people in the energy sector as a result

Oil and natural gas production is up significantly in the last decade. Our oil imports have been cut in half.

This is one of the TRUE statements Trump made during this speech, but it is odd to note that while he seems to blame Obama for everything bad about our energy (most of which are lies or things he just flat made up as I will demonstrate), but he fails to give him credit or even mention Obama here.   

While not significant, it is worthy of noting this continued GOP dogma when it comes to Obama…blame him for everything bad (real or made up) and NEVER give him credit for ANYTHING EVER! 

For those of you who care, to say “our oil and natural gas production is up significantly” is a HUGE understatement.  Obama’s administration has overseen the LARGEST domestic oil production increase during ANY presidency in U.S History.

SPECIFICALLY, Crude oil production has risen every year of his administration.  It has gone up 72% since he took office.  Since Obama was sworn in we were producing about 3.6Million BPD MORE today.

IMPORTS have fallen 60% since President Obama took office.  11.1 Million BPD then and 4.7 million BPD today.  Meaning we import less then we produce for the first time.


In the interest of TRUTH and honesty it would be easy to give Obama credit for all of this (much like the GOP blames Obama for everything real or imagined) but the facts indicate he had little to do with it either way.  The 3 main factors that are responsible are 1-increased production, 2- reduced demand driven by the recession, 3- increased fuel efficiency. The LAST one is the ONLY thing that Obama had a direct hand in with his CAFÉ standards he passed in his first 2 years.

But all this occurred in spite of massive new bureaucratic and political barriers.

100% total pants on fire complete LIE & Delusional Donald also contradicts himself IN THIS SAME SPEECH (this is what we call a Delusional Donald Hat Trick Lie)

DD JUST said that “Oil and LPN gas production is up significantly in last decade and imports are ½”.  We provided the FACTS that are behind this rare truth, BUT…if this is true (which we have proven it is).  Then how is the “massive new bureaucratic and political barriers” are wrecking the fossil fuel industry?

Anyone with an IQ above 10 (what people in the extreme right of the GOP call “liberals”) already have figured out that these 2 statements are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.  It is impossible for both of them to be true.

Now on to the evidence that proves this is a lie even without the paradox.

Like most DD lies or things he just makes up, this lie does not provide even ONE example or indication of what “new bureaucratic & political barriers” he is referring to.  Given that we already know this is a lie, I guess this is not a surprise.  I mean, when you make something up or just flat out lie there wont be any examples you can point to support it because they don’t exist.

HOWEVER, I did some research to find what he might be basing this particular lie on & what regulations the administration has passed that might have angered the GOP enough to spin this myth in the first place.

Even opponents of Obama who are experts in the energy sector have said Obama (& or his administration) has done little in the way of regulations that would help or hurt the sector.  This is why so many far left and environmentalists are upset with Obama.

HERE ARE THE regs that have been PERCEIVED as negative by the far right.  He put a 6 month ban on drilling in the gulf after the horizon disaster, banned a section of Alaska sensitive coastline to drilling. Required new 52mpg cars in a few years, banned NEW coal mines on some federal lands, safety and environmental restrictions on fracking on fed lands, proposed cutting the $4 billion a year tax brakes to oil companies, nixed the XL, required drillers to curb methane emissions on federal lands


Now I may have missed a few, but the right tends to make a big fuss when ANY reg is even proposed so I doubt there is much more, but let me know if I missed any.  Even if there are a few more, not a single person thinks that ANY of these have had even a minimal impact on anything….even those who hate Obama.


Most of these are more requirements for better safety and less pollution, but they don’t halt or slow down actual production or development in any way so not sure what they would have to do with what he said.


Of the few in there that could like the closing of some lands to new coal mines and artic protection….the Oil and Gas industry is CLOSING RIGS and laying people off and the Coal industry is closing mine after mine due to free market forces, so they don’t even want to use what they already have, forget about untapped areas they have access to, so how does closing some areas to exploration that no one has even expressed an interest in using because they cant even use a fraction of what they already have…how does that have ANY impact on this issue?  Well again, we already know they don’t.


On the flip side Obama has opened up areas like the east coast off shore for the first time and other areas that have NEVER been opened before.  The fact is his “regulations” have opened more areas and relaxed or ended regulations then any president in decades.

Recently, the U.S. Senate voted, with the support of every single Democratic member, to approve the Energy Policy Modernization Act, a pro-corporate radical reduction in environmental regulation of the drilling and sale of fossil fuels in the United States. That’s not a massive new bureaucratic and political barrier. It’s a massive new giveaway to the fossil fuels industry.

So again, this is a 100% lie and in fact there is plenty of evidence to prove the EXACT OPPOSITE is true.

President Obama has done everything he can to get in the way of American energy. 

100 % lie / made up fiction – Again, putting aside Trumps failure to provide even ONE detail, fact or example of this lie…, as detailed above, aside from the fact Obama has overseen the greatest increase in domestic oil and lpn production in the HISTORY OF OUR NATION EVER, the facts prove he has done the exact opposite of what DD is claiming

He’s made life much more difficult for North Dakota, as costly regulation makes it harder and harder to turn a profit.

100% Lie – This is a continuation of the above lies I have already provided the facts debunking.

As to his “costly regulation” lie, Once again, DD does not provide ANY examples or evidence of this made up lie, and I have provided several that debunk it.

As to his “harder to turn a profit lie”, this is more along the line of a traditional politician lie.  The STATEMENT “today its harder for ND energy sector to turn a profit” is true, BUT the reason for it that he gives is a 100% lie.

Worldwide the oil & gas industry is in a downturn, not just in ND, as oil prices continue to fall.  Because Fracking is about 10x more expensive to produce then the $5 to $6 per barrel price of traditional oil, oil needs to be at least $60 Per barrel for the fracking sector to brake even, OPEC has driven the price down to as low as $36 recently and is at $41 as I write this article with no end to this in the foreseeable near term.


Globally in the past year about 325,000 oil & gas jobs have gone away and domestically Rigs and other drilling infrastructure continues to be dismantled, but this is not a ND alone issue, its global.  And the cause has NOTHING AT ALL to do with ANY regulations by the administration according to all the facts, and every single energy expert ON PLANET EARTH (I challenge you to find me one single expert that agrees with this lie).


In the interest of not just documenting Delusional Donald’s pathological lies, but also informing you of what the ACTUAL truth is I will tell you what the truth is about this, and about many of the other lies I debunk here.


Ironically ND is a victim of its own success.  OPEC has gone to war with Fracking and they have turned the spigots all the way open to drive prices down in a bid to kill the Fracking industry.   According to experts.  OPEC has been not happy with the drip drip impact of fracking on their oil so rather then bleed slowly they have decided to try and just take them out or at least reduce them so much they are no longer a nuisance, and they are betting they can outlas them and win.


THIS IS WHAT TRUMP AND THE GOP PREACH!  This is free-market, supply & demand economics in all its glory.  No one really knows how this will shake out, and while this is the main cause (not the only one), Obama’s regulations or lack of have less then nothing to do with this, and saying otherwise is just a flat lie


If Hillary Clinton is in charge, things will get much worse. She will shut down energy production across this country.

Millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars of wealth, will be destroyed as a result.


This actually is so far removed from reality, it goes far beyond even a 100% lie because it is not even grounded in reality.

This is more along the lines of a paranoid delusion that Delusional Donald just made up like a Harry Potter book, with a healthy does of fear mongering thrown in for good measure.


Because this is a fantasy delusion that Trump made up out of thin air(like a Harry Potter book), it is not even possible to fact check this any more then you could fact check a Stephen King book.


There is ZERO evidence to give any support to his delusional that under HC things will get worse, and HC has NEVER EVER even suggested she would shut down ANY energy production in America.  And because it is fiction, again, Trump does not give EVEN ONE example or point to ANY evidence to indicate how he even dreamed up this delusion. Let alone support it.


Since the first part of what DD said here is 100% Fiction, trying to debunk the numbers he gives of jobs and money lost as a result of his delusion would make about as much sense as trying to factor the loss of property  in NYC as a result of the Tidal wave caused by the asteroid in the movie Armageddon.


That is why our choice this November is so crucial.

Here’s what it comes down to. Wealth versus poverty.


Neither lie or true, just nonsensical babble . since he provides no frame of reference or hint at what in God’s green earth he is referring to it is impossible to even guess at what he is trying to say here.


But since we already have Wealth and Poverty, and wealth usually wins in most match-ups, only the voices in Delusional Donald’s head have any idea how he thinks the election is about picking the winner in a fight of “Wealth vs. Poverty”






North Dakota shows how energy exploration creates shared prosperity. Better schools. More funding for infrastructure. Higher wages. Lower unemployment.


This is a typical lie that really any politician might say that is of the kind of lie that contains ½ truth’s and misrepresented or old facts that don’t support the point he is trying to sell.


Normally I would just say this is untrue and DD (as usual) does not provide even a single supporting fact or any evidence to support his claim here or anywhere else, and leave it at that, but since I want to inform you as much as highlight the pathological lies Delusional Donald is selling let me go a bit deeper by breaking this down.


“North Dakota shows how energy exploration creates shared prosperity”


100% lie – The claim that simply because new technology lead to a short boom in ND that brought some temporary good paying jobs and added taxes to the region proves that energy exploration creates shared wealth is the kind of lie of false reasoning that only a child would be tricked by.


First, “energy exploration” had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING about ND and what has gone on there.  The Balkan shale formation was discovered almost 100 years ago and has been part of 3 prior oil booms and busts in ND already.  This most recent one was caused by new technology that allowed companies to get known deposits previously unobtainable…that is not the same thing as “energy exploration”  this is a perfect example of how Delusional Donald’s complete lack of knowledge of most things he is talking about come back to reinforce the belief that he is very ignorant and has no problem spreading this ignorance to his followers.


“creates shared prosperity”

  this boom (like many others) does create a lot of new jobs, most short term, some longer.  Communities do get new tax revenue, local business benefit from the influx, so this is not a lie or an untrue statement, BUT it does fail to point out the OTHER side of the coin. 


While I can’t call this part a “lie” I (like most people) believe that saying something that might be true, but painting the picture that its ALL GOOD and its just good times all around is very disingenuous.


As many in ND are finding out now that the boom….busted, there is a very bad side of this coin that might not make that initial sugar high worth it.  First most communities said that despite the influx of taxes it is NOT A FISCAL PLUS, it is a negative for almost every town.  The added strain on infrastructure coupled with rising crime nd prices, need to hire more cops, all manner of gov workers and swearers, roads so and and so on…initially is a huge negative that has caused towns to take on a lot of debt to meet the demand.


The only way it is “shared prosperity” is if the boom lasts long enough….which, unless things change dramatically soon, it wont.  If this bust lasts much longer the ONLY people who will have had prosperity will be the CEOs and shareholders.  Everyone else will be unemployed again and the sugar high of the short lived good job will all be gone.  YOU might consider that “shared prosperity” but I don’t think most people including myself would.


Unlike Delusional Donald I would like to provide some supporting facts and evidence to back-up my statement.


“The gap between revenues and needs is still fairly large,” Daryl Dukart, a Dunn County commissioner, said in an interview. “It will take many years to balance out.”

Dunn County is far from alone. Analysis from researchers at Duke University found that “most local governments in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken region have experienced net negative fiscal effects” from the shale drilling boom.

“Because of the very rural nature of North Dakota and Eastern Montana, and the very large scale of the activity that’s been taking place, population growth has essentially outstripped local government’s ability to provide services,” said Daniel Raimi, research associate for Duke University’s Energy Initiative.



“For counties the biggest challenge is roads. The oil industry relies on a large fleet of heavy vehicles. And those vehicles can do substantial damage to very rural roads,” Raimi said.

There are other costs as well. Housing prices in the hub city of Williston, N.D., soared so high that Williams County had to buy one building and build another in order to provide county employees with affordable housing and office space.

McKenzie County’s emergency services responded to about five traffic accidents a month before the oil boom. By 2013 it was as many as five a day. The sheriff’s office went from six officers to 22.


The hub city of Dickinson, N.D., saw its single-family housing permits rise by 330 percent in one year. The city went from having no debt to some $100 million in bonds.

Dickinson City Manager Shawn Kessel gave a presentation at Duke on his city’s fiscal situation that posed the question, “Are we better off, financially, because of the boom?”

His answer: “Short term – No; Long Term – Sure hope so.”


“Lower unemployment.”


This is ½ true .  No longer true. For 7 years ND had the lowest unemployment in the nation, but along with the bust ND is now seeing one of the fastest rising rates of unemployment due to so many of those jobs tied to the oil sector.


IN SUMMARY – while this is not a truthful statement because it does not tell the entire story and leads you to think its been a “win-win” for everyone….that is clearly not true.  Some people did good, many are worse off, at best it is complicated issue that is subject to global forces that like most things has some winners and some losers…and like most things most of the winners are the elite who always win.


Things we’ve been missing.

It’s a choice between sharing in this great energy wealth, or sharing in the poverty promised by Hillary Clinton.


100% bald faced lie – Putting aside the point I already made about the false compassion of the few hundred thousand temporary jobs created by the boom is the same thing as the billions of dollars the executives and shareholders are making, most would agree that this is not REALLY “sharing in this great energy wealth” so much as it is getting a few crumbs like the 99% always get.


EVEN IF you did think this could be called “sharing in this great energy wealth”, this would still be a 100% lie and this is why.


This lie makes the assumption that the OTHER LIE he said is also true “the poverty promised by Hillary Clinton”.


AGAIN, putting aside the fact that Hillary Clinton NEVER promised poverty and he gives no indication as to what imagined evidence he is using to make this absurd lie, this is STILL a 100% lie.


This whole lie is saying that if you elect HC she will do something to change or end what is going on in ND….which she has never ever done anywhere ever.


It is hard to imagine why Delusional Donald would believe that despite HC never having said anything on the topic, why he would think that electing HC would mean anything different then what is already in place in ND.


Like most lies Trump tries to sell his believers he is not interested in basing what he says on facts, evidence, providing any examples, or even having it based in reality.


You don’t have to take my word for it. Just listen to Hillary Clinton’s own words. She has declared war on the American worker. Here is what Hillary Clinton said earlier this year: “We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work” She wants to shut down the coal mines.

100% lie & fear mongering –

Let’s start with what HC ACTUALLY said. 

Speaking in Ohio about her plans to revitalize coal country, Clinton said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business.”

That comment was immediately preceded by a promise to invest in the clean-energy economy in those places, and immediately followed by a pledge to “make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people.” But it’s not hard to guess which comment will end up as a sound bite in attack ads in coal states during the general election.

CLINTON: I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. Because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, Tim?

And we’re going to make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people. Those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories.

Now we’ve got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels, but I don’t want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy that we relied on.


In addition, since the GOP has been non-stop distorting what she said and repeating the lie Delusional Donald just said, she also apologized for giving the GOP the opportunity to take what she said out of context and scare people to make them think she wants to take their jobs away.  She said she wished she had said it a different way so that it could never have been used to scare people and misrepresent what she was saying.


In addition, unlike Trump HC has also laid out a DETAILED plan for accomplishing this… know, like what serious actual qualified people do.  In the interest of informing you here is the plan she has laid out to help coal-miners.


Clinton’s $30 Billion Plan For Coal Communities Provides Support During Transition To Clean Energy. In November, Clinton released a plan to create federal programs designed to assist coal-dependent communities while transitioning toward more environmentally-friendly energy sources. The $30 billion proposal includes measures that:

  • Protect health and retirement benefits for retired coal miners.
  • Ensure public schools in coal communities remain funded even as the coal-related revenues that currently support them decline.
  • Make major infrastructure investments in coal communities in order to grow local economies and increase employment.
  • Increase public investment in research and development in coal-producing regions.
  • Expand tax credits in communities that are suffering from the coal industry’s decline in order to attract new private investment.
  • Provide job training for workers and technical assistance for small businesses in coal communities.
  • Fund programs that make homes in coal communities more energy efficient, saving families money on their electric bills. [, The Briefing, 11/12/15]


Like this or not, it’s a serious plan and it shows she has given thought to how to help these working Americans.


Aside from telling a lot of lies and asking people to just trust him he will make things great and take care of them, can ANYONE point to ANY ACTUAL PLAN Trump has to help these people he says he cares about?  Because I have looked and I have not found any.


Final point to this lie.  The truth is that what is causing the loss of coal miner’s jobs and the closing of coal mines has NOTHING to do with any regulations.  You can not find even a single person knowledgeable on this sector that would say they are.  Heck, there are not even any “regulations” Trump could try and spin to say they were to blame because they don’t exist….that is to say there are not ANY regulations of any form that exist that he could try to blame, but I guess when you are just making things up you would not know this.


What IS causing the decline of jobs and closing of mines is the FREE MARKET! You know, the thing GOP and trump are always saying is great?  The plummeting prices of alternate fuels and increase of production…especially NATURAL GAS (you know, like in North Dakota), is what is running them out of business.  As LPN supply increases and the price drops more and more power plants are converting from coal to LPN….and no regulation has anything to do with this.


IF anyone can explain to me how HC outfling a detailed plan to help the workers who are loosing jobs as a result of the free-market forces is “declaring war on the American Worker” I would love to hear it…until then we can all agree this is a complete and utter lie


And if Crooked Hillary can shut down the mines, she can shut down your business too.

100% lie & fear mongering

I just explained and provided proof that not only is there ZERO evidence that HC either has or would shut down mines, but I proved that It was the free-market forces to blame (as all experts say) and there is several facts,  and supporting evidence that the exact opposite of this lie is true.  HC has actually laid out a detailed plan to help coal miners that are loosing their jobs as a result.  While Delusional Donald has also promised to “help” coal miners, he has not provided ANY details of any type of HOW, beyond “trust me ill make great deals”


The lie “she can shut down your business too” is not only a flat lie based on another lie, its not only fear mongering, but it’s an example of the type of thing Trump does and says that makes him dangerous and a whole different level of unqualified then any other POTUS candidate in living memory.


EVEN IF the multiple lies leading up to this lie were remotely true, trying to say that because regulations she put out that closed coal mines means she could do the same to anyone’s job/business would be like saying that because Obama uses drones to kill terrorists driving in cars he could use drones to kill YOU driving in your car.  This is not a lie or fear mongering as much as it is a paranoid delusion told by a pathological liar.


Let me tell you how President Obama Undermined Our Middle Class

President Obama’s stated intent is to eliminate oil and natural gas production in America.

100% LIE

I already shown the facts and evidence proving that Obama’s administration has overseen the LARGEST domestic oil production increase during ANY presidency in U.S History. So how can that be true (which it is) if his plan was to eliminate production?  He would have to be magnitudes more incompetent then what the GOP tries to make people believe for him to have failed that badly at eliminating production.


OF course I’m joking around a bit because this is a pretty ridiculous lie, but facts and supporting evidence aside that proves this is a lie.  Delusional Donald once again makes a wildly outlandish claim (lie) and fails to give ANY proof or examples that support it?  What is he basing this particular delusion on? When did Obama say his intent was to “eliminate oil and natural gas production in America” I’m guessing its in the same place as the “proof” of the thousands of people cheering on 9/11 in new jersey is that does not exist either.


The other part of this lie “how POTUS Obama undermined our middle class” seems to indicate Trump is getting ready to outline how his delusion that Obama wanted to eliminate oil and gas production was part of some master plan to destroy the middle class.


At this point we again are moving FAR beyond traditional political lies and half/truths……BEYOND the 100% bald face pathological lies Trump tells all the time about everything…..even past the made up “harry potter like” fiction and fantasy he makes up…and we are venturing into the lands of things paranoid schizophrenics  think and say



His policy is death by a thousand cuts through an onslaught of regulations.

100% lie

since I have already debunked this and provided evidence and facts to do so I wont beat a dead horse except to say that not only is this a lie, but the EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE.  Obama has actually reduced regulations on fossil fuels which is why so many liberals and environmentalist are mad at him.


I will also again point out that DD does not bother to even try and give ANY examples or supporting evidence to support his lie.


The Environmental Protection Agency’s use of totalitarian tactics forces energy operators in North Dakota into paying unprecedented multi-billion dollar fines before a penalty is even confirmed

100% made up fiction. I cant even call this a lie, becaue to be a lie it would have to be a lie about something real, but after an extensive search I was unable to find ANYTHING remotely resembling an “EPA multi-billion dollar fine” for anything let alone for a penalty before it is confirmed.


I guess for the purposes of keeping score you would have to rate this as a 100% lie since it is completely untrue, but in order to inform people by correcting the lie and telling you what the ACTUAL truth is, I would have to know what REAL thing he heard or saw that lead to him dreaming up this fantasy in the first place.  I can usually find the truth or the actual thing he lied about or made up to help clear things up, but in this case I have NO IDEA what delusional Donald imagined that lead him to say this particular made up lie so I apologize for not being able to tell you what the actual truth is


If anyone has any idea what Donald is basing this particular delusion on let me know and I can update this post with the information along with the actual truth of what he ws talking about.

Aside from his lie about some imaginary fine the EPA gave to someone else he imagined.

I thought I would also point out the irony and humor behind Delusional Donald calling the EPA doing what it was legally prescribed to do in accordance with laws passed by our democratically elected national legislature “totalitarian tactics” simply because he disagrees with something they did quite funny.


Ignoring the fact that the thing Trump is saying was “totalitarian tactics” by the EPA was SOMETHING TRUMP MADE UP IN THE FIRST PLACE (when someone lies and just makes stuff up as much as DD does it starts getting pretty hard to keep track of his fantasy world but try to stay with me).  Ignoring that, another writer very eloquently explained the pure hypocrisy and humor of this particular trump lie.


“It’s odd to hear Donald Trump, who says he wants to build gigantic border walls, send government spies out across America to keep track of Americans’ religious practices, set up prison camps for people of what he says is the wrong religion, and conduct widespread campaigns of torture and mass execution, to complain of totalitarianism.“


odd indeed.


Government misconduct goes on and on:

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against seven North Dakota oil companies for the deaths of 28 birds while the Administration fast-tracked wind projects that kill more than 1 million birds a year.

100% LIE-

This is actually a lie within a lie within a lie wrapped around an unrelated true fact topped off with utter nonsense, so give me a minute to unwrap this huge turd and tell you what the truth is


First he says “Government misconduct goes on and on” while it is possible I blacked out for a minute and missed some of what he said, according to the transcripts he appears to be referencing a continuation of a point he was making about government misconduct that only he is aware of because he imagined it.  In other words, in order for “government misconduct” to go on and on he would have had to have first given OTHER examples of government misconduct…..which he does not.


Putting aside another example of delusional Donald’s imagined conversation we join his already ongoing speech with him citing one of the few actual facts in this entire speech

“The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against seven North Dakota oil companies for the deaths of 28 birds”

although this is true, it is in no way related to or even remotely, proof of, “government misconduct”


The lawsuit Trump is referring to is a lawsuit brought by the DOJ under the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty act which was enacted by Congress (as treaties are) between the US and England. And NOT (as Trump is going to try and allude to in his next lie something Obama did to hurt oil companies).


Only Delusional Donald has any idea why the DOJ enforcing a 100yr old international treaty is proof of “government misconduct” but the rest of us know this is a lie.


Are there any other duties agencies are legally performing on a daily basis that Trump thinks are evidence of some huge conspiracy of “government misconduct”?


BTW it is worth noting that several wind farms including Duke energy have also been charged by the DOJ under this treaty for killing birds. Recently duke paid a $1million fine for it.


Additionally, all 7 companies he is referring too had already been fined MULTIPLE times for doing the same thing. These Birds were found dead in their waste water ponds.  Sadly all these companies need to do is cover these open waste water pits with netting and this would not happen, but I guess that’s too much to ask.


The last part of this lie “birds while the Administration fast-tracked wind projects that kill more than 1 million birds a year.” 

Appears to be just something Trump made up by pulling out of his pooper, because the 1 million number he gives only exists in his imagination.  Additionally, every year wind companies are improving the design to save more and more birds…..all while oil companies cant even be bothered to put a simple net over their toxic open pit waste water.


For reference here are the ACTUAL latest number of energy company caused bird deaths in the US


According to US News and World Report, up to 28,000 birds a year are killed per year by the US solar industry. Up to 33,000 birds are killed per year by the US nuclear industry. Up to 328,000 birds are killed by the US wind energy industry. Up to 8,900,000 birds are killed by the US fossil fuels industry.


As a side note sky-scrapers like the ones Trump builds kill about 28 birds per bldg. every year or between 365million and 988million world wide.


The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service abuses the Endangered Species Act to restrict oil and gas exploration.

100% LIE=

I have already debunked this lie with examples and facts when debunking his earlier lie about regulations.  Since once again Delusional Donald does not provide ANY supporting facts or evidence to support this ridiculous lie (and I’ve provided proof showing the exact opposite is true), there is no reason to revise our assessment of this lie.


Adding to the pain, President Obama now proposes a $10-per-barrel tax on American-produced oil in the middle of a downturn.

100% lie the exact opposite is true-

Delusional Donald ALMOST told his first truth but then he reverted to his normal pathological lying.


Obama DID propose a $10-per barrel tax BUT it was NOT on American produced oil, it was ONLY ON IMPORTED OIL.  In addition to other things, it was meant to HELP domestic energy firms and help level the field.


The reason it was proposed while prices are low is because it is known some of the tax will be passed on to consumers….less so then if it was a gas tax, but still some. So making it while gas is less then $2 a gallon would not be a burden to consumers since prices are at record lows.  His concern about the downturn timing is ONLY significant if you are worried about cutting into the profits of foreign oil companies, which apparently Trump is.


Although it is too long to detail here the tax is part of a bold Obama proposal to fix and modernize our crumbling transportation infrastructure which is in dire need of modernization.  If you have not read the proposal you should since Obama and the  Dems are again the only people offering any solutions for the crisis.





At the same time President Obama lifts economic sanctions on Iran, he imposes economic sanctions on America. He has allowed this country to hit the lowest oil rig count since 1999, producing thousands of layoffs.

100% LIE-

Actually this is so far beyond a lie, calling it a lie is almost not doing justice to the masterpiece of BS…but for the purposes of tracking Delusional Donald’s lie, since it is factually untrue we have to call it a lie.


To be fair the first part about Obama listing sanctions on Iran is true, but it has absolutely nothing to do with any point he is TRYING to make.  HE could have said  “at the same time President Obama says the Earth is round, he imposes economic sanctions on America” and it would have made as much sense as what he said.


The sanctions were part of a international deal that had to do with stopping nuclear weapons proliferation, so only Trump has any idea what hallucination he was having in which that non-related piece of information has to do with his “energy plan”.  Since he does not bother to eleaborate or explain your guess is as good as mine, but he seems to be using that as the lead in to the other 100% lie about Obama imposing sanctions on America”



I guess in his delusional mind he understands what he is talking about and how it makes sense, but for everyone else it is a mystery.  Since Trump still does not bother to give any examples or even attempt to explain what he is talking about it is impossible to provide proof debunking this thing he imagined out of thin air.  It would make as much sense to try and prove that Harry potter was not true as it would to prove why this is a lie.


The last part about Obama allowing this country to hit the lowest oil rig count since 1999 causing thousands of layoffs is a particularly concerning lie.


To start with it is of course a 100% lie, NO government administration has ANY control over “rig counts” good or bad.


What is concerning is it is hard to know if this particular lie Trump told is born out of his desire to try and blame Obama for everything bad regardless if he had anything to do with it, OR if Trump is so ignorant that he thinks the USA is run like Communist Russia where the central gov owns the energy companies?  Once again, since he quickly moves on to his next crazy lie and does not provide any insight into how he came up with this fantasy lie….we are left to wonder



America’s incredible energy potential remains untapped. It is a totally self-inflicted wound.

100% LIE-

Did we already mention that Obama’s administration has overseen the LARGEST domestic oil production increase during ANY presidency in U.S History?


I think we already covered the debunking of this repeated lie and since DD does not provide any new information or try to provide supporting evidence, no reason to change our opinion


Under my presidency, we will accomplish complete American energy independence.

Imagine a world in which our foes, and the oil cartels, can no longer use energy as a weapon.

100% LIE & example of Trump’s ignorance and lack of understanding of how things work in the real world.


While this SOUNDS like a desirable thing and always gets big applause from ignorant voters, which is why politicans have been promising energy independence since Marky Mark had a Funky Bunch, Trump is the first one who seems to not be aware that this is a lie that no politician ACTUALLY intends to pursue.  It is a perfect example of why Delusional Donald is so utterly unqualified for the job he seeks.


If you are running for POTUS and you REALLY don’t understand why this is a lie, and why even if it were possible we would never do it, he has no business in the oval.


If you want more information of the many reason why this is not something that we would want even if we could do or the many ways in which it would be disastrous simply google energy independence and go to ANY site.  From the most right wing dig baby dig experts to the tree hugger experts this is one of the few things they all agree is utter nonsense and a bad idea.

BUT that alone does not qualify this as a lie.  Simply making a promise that is not realistic or that every expert thinks would be disastrous is many things…ignorant, dumb, etc etc, but not a lie.


What DOES make this a lie is the fact that besides all the other things I pointed to as wrong with the promise, ANY POTUS does not have the power under the Constitution to even TRY to make this happen.


So making a promise to accomplish something that there is no way short of overthrowing the government, that he could even try to make this happen makes this a lie.


Had Trump said he is going to OUTLINE a plan for EI or he is going to push Congress for EI or other things, it would still be stupid but it would not be a lie.


Hard to tell if trump already knows this is a lie and Is just saying what he thinks will be possible, OR if he is so ignorant that he really does not know what he is saying is a lie, either way making a statement that is provably untrue and can not be true is a lie.  AND since Trump (again) does not bother to provide ANY details for HOW he would accomplish this we don’t know which it is.


But President Obama has done everything he can to keep us dependent on others. Let me list some of the good energy projects he killed.

He rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline despite the fact that:

It would create and support more than 42,000 jobs.

100% lie-

The figure of 42,000 jobs from the Keystone Pipeline project has been discredited for a long time, and it’s troubling that Donald Trump chooses to repeat it despite that.


TransCanada CEO Russ Girling has acknowledged that only between 10 and 20 percent of the number of jobs Trump claims can reasonably be expected to be created, and almost all of those jobs would be temporary, eliminated within 2 years. In the end, there would only be 50 permanent new jobs associated with the the Keystone XL pipeline.


It is also worth pointing out that during debate the democrats proposed that any steel needed for the construction of Xl would be required to come from American sources with American Jobs…..EVERY REPUPLICAN VOTED NO.


Just another good example of how the GOP rhetoric is rarely supported by their actions.


His own State Department concluded that it would be the safest pipeline ever built in the United States.

And it would have no significant impact on the environment.

100% LIE-

No one has EVER said it would be the safest pipeline ever built in the US, and NO ONE even the most adamant supporters of the XL HAS EVER SAID or even implied that it would have no significant impact on the environment, let alone the state dept.  The State Dept said it would not have a significant impact on climate change, which is not even remotely the same thing.


Since DD does not provide ANY supporting evidence to back-up this ridiculous made up LIE. And there is plenty of evidence and proof that this statement is a complete Lie, it is a 100% lie.


For information here are some of those facts I mentioned, which is also good information to have.


  • Oil from Canadian bitumen deposits — which the Keystone would carry from Alberta to the U.S. for refining — results in 14 percent to 20 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than oil typically consumed in the U.S. at present.
  • It comes from Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan, in what the industry calls“oil sands” and environmentalist critics call “tar sands.” By either name, they are vast deposits of bitumen — a form of petroleum so dense that at a temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit it is “hard as a hockey puck,” according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. It must be heated or diluted to be made to flow through pipes.
  • The bitumen is found mixed with sand and clay. Extracting it requires a good deal of energy — either through open-pit mining from surface deposits or byinjecting steam into deeper, “in situ” (in place) sites. Refining it into useful fuels also requires more energy — and hence more emissions — than lighter forms of petroleum.
  • How much “dirtier” is it? The nonpartisan Congressional Research Servicesurveyed published scientific literature on the subject, and those studies found variously that getting Canadian bitumen produced and processed into fuel produces between 70 percent and 110 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than the weighted average of transportation fuels now used in the U.S. That’s what’s called a “well-to-tank” figure, the measure preferred by critics.
  • CRS estimated that oil flowing through the Keystone pipeline would result in an increase in U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases equivalent to adding somewhere between 770,800 and 4.3 million passenger vehicles. But whether that would mean any increase at all inglobalemissions “remains uncertain,” CRS said. And the State Department said “such a change is not likely to occur.”
  • FACT: Because raw tar sands bitumen is more corrosive and abrasive than normal crude oil, the risk of a spill is greater. The Alberta pipeline system (which carries diluted bitumen, the same product planned for KXL) has had approximately sixteen times as many spills due to internal corrosion as the U.S. system. Yet, the safety and spill response standards used by the United States to regulate pipeline transport of bitumen are designed for conventional oil. To make matters worse, the industry doesn’t know how to clean up this product after a spill–its unique composition means that traditional clean-up techniques don’t work (for example, unlike regular oil, diluted bitumen sinks in water).



It also should be mentioned the really egregious (almost criminal) conflict of interest Delusional Donald has that he has never bothered mentioning to voters when talking about this pipeline


Yet, even as he rejected this America-Canada pipeline, he made a deal that allows Iran to transport more oil through its pipeline that would have ever flowed through Keystone –with no environmental review.

100% LIE- this lie is almost staggering in its depth and breath of made up BS, flat out lies, distortions, and tied together by a demonstration of Delusional Donald’s amazing level of ignorance on the subject.  This lie is so overwhelming I almost don’t even know where to start debunking it, but im going to give it the college try


First, what level of ignorance do you need to have to make a comparison between the amount of oil flowing through AN ENTIRE OPEC NATION, and a single pipeline in America?  I guess you need to posses Trump’s level of ignorance to do it.  Side note, the XL will transport Tar Sands, Iran transports Crude….so besides the ridiculous comparison of 1 pipe to all the pipes in Iran its not even the same thing too boot.


This bizarre delusion aside, Trump for the first time in this speech attempts to tell us what this bizarre non-related comparison with what oil Iran is transporting has to do with XL, and it demonstrates such a level of ignorance I almost wish he had not.


Trump clarifies that the purpose of the bizarre Iran lie/false comparison is to point out that when he lifted the sanctions on Iran allowing them to once again sell Oil on the market, that he did not require an “environmental review” like he did with XL.


This level of sheer stupidity, of almost unconceivable ignorance for a POTUS candidate, is actually terrifying in its magnitude.


Does DD REALLY not understand that Iran is a sovereign nation and the American EPA or State Dept. does not have ANY authority or reason (real or imagined) to perform an “environmental review” on their oil pipelines?  IS it possible the GOP nominee for POTUS is THAT stupid? Or does he think voters are?  I only ask this question because when someone who is SUPPOSED to be a serious candidate for POTUS and they say something that only the most ignorant of people would say, you have to know.


To be honest, I am really too scared to know the answer, so lets just leave it as a 100% lie told with a level of ignorance that is terrifying


President Obama has done everything he can to kill the coal industry. Here are a few of President Obama’s decrees:

Regulations that shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants and block the construction of new ones.

A prohibition against coal production on federal land.

Draconian climate rules that, unless stopped, would effectively bypass Congress to impose job-killing cap-and-



100% LIE-

I have already debunked this lie with examples and facts, proving that it is the free market that is killing the coal industry, specifically, natural gas is now cheaper then coal.  Nothing else has really mattered, let alone the “regulations” Trump is referring to that don’t exist outside of his imagination.


HOWEVER, this time he repeats this lie he actually gives an “example” meant to support his lie.  Because this is new I will address and debunk the new lie.


First, Trump cites the Obama’s moratorium on new coal leases on Federal Land as one of the “job killing regulations” that is destroying the coal industry.  Did I already mention this is a 100% LIE?


Where to start? Ok first the moratorium he is referring to is on new leases on federal land NOT ON PRODUCTION! It is hard to imagine what orifice Delusional Donald pulled this lie from, but it is pretty amazing that he cant even get the basice facts of the lie he is trying to tell right so now he has turned one big lie into one big lie made up of other smaller lies…..and I have to clear ALL of them up.


Ok so first its on new leases NOT PRODUCTION. This moraturm is not something new. The moraturm is so the Gov can conduct a review of the entire leasing process, from the bidding process to the decision making, to the royalties paid to taxpayers and everything in between. The government has done this 3 times before to review the lease process and make updates, some under GOP administrations and this one is expected to last about 3 years. The last review was over 30 years ago…when you could still smoke on planes and there was no internet, so saying that the process is due for an update would be a big understatement.


Part of the reason behind the decision to do the review now(aside from it being way past due) is there have been an increasing number of complaints and concerns from the 90% of bids only having 1 bidder, to the claim that us Taxpayers are getting ripped off and paid below market value on royalties.   So you would think if DD claim that he wants “Americans to share the prosperity” is true, he would want to make sure we were not being ripped off right? Sure he would.


Most importantly, even critics who are not fans of the review concede that right now Coal companies have 20 years’ worth of reserves already in their hands to mine, so this will not have any near term (or much longer term) impact on the industry and will not have an impact on jobs or plants.


There are some more details you can research that really go into detail about other exceptions, why this is important and more proof this is a non-issue that has no impact on the industry and it is needed.


In the interest of informing you, there is an EPA regulation that is causing a few older coal plants to complie with the clean air and mercury law that coal plants have been largely exempt from.  They have had a few years notice and time to make the required changes, but some energy companies have chosen to close some plants instead.


You can read up on this, I think the total number of coal plants closing due to this reg AND the free market affects of cheap natural gas, the fact that some plants are 100 years old and all other reasons is about 200 in total.  Almost all of these plants are smaller ones that are mainly used in peek usage and a number of these are going to be replaced by newer, cheaper plants that use Natural Gas or Wind.  The total number of jobs from all plants including from the EPA regs is a few thousand total.


So while it is true that there is an EPA reg (he does not mention it I just brought it up), that is going to close some plants and, yes oh my God, end a few jobs, but to hear DD or the GOP talk about this you would think Obama is single handedly closing all the coal plants because he hates them and putting millions of people out of work…..this is part of the overall lie that Trump is speaking to here.


Last his claim that someone (Obama or the EPA) is BLOCKING the construction of new plants.  This is also a 100% lie.  Not only is there NOTHING that blocks the construction of new plants, there is nothing that blocks the construction of new COAL PLANTS!  They do have to comply with the law and not spew mercury and toxins into the surrounding communities, but they are free to build any plant they want. The reason none of them are building new coal plants is because Natural Gas plants are MUCH cheaper to build, cheaper to operate and cheaper to operate….so are wind powered one.  This is a decision driven by the free market NOT anything Obama or the EPA did.


It is worth noting that so far I have only addressed this speech on the merits of his claims and have not brought other factors into it, but in this one occasion I think its important to do so.


IF the ONLY thing that mattered was profits for oil and coal companies and saving EVERY SINGLE JOB, then the GOP is the party for you, because that is exactly what they are saying.


However, in the case of this reg for example, most Americans (including myself) care about MORE things then just jobs and corporate profits.  I happen to think not drinking poisoned water or polluted air is equally or far more important then a few hundred jobs.


This reg is a response to years of data that shows these plants are pouring toxic pollutants into the surrounding communities INCLUDING MERCURY!  The result is a slew of increased rates of chronic and fatal diseases for the people who live near them and almost a Billion dollars of added healthcare to treat them.  Birth defects are significantly higher, cancer, heart disease, etc etc,……and this is not even addressing the other environmental impacts they cause (read the reports)


So when Trump or the GOP raise hell about how the EPA rule is costing jobs and closing businesses, besides their claims being either a gross exaggeration or complete lie, remember that Americans care about other things besides jobs at any cost……like not dying young from mercury poisoning.


Draconian climate rules that, unless stopped, would effectively bypass Congress to impose job-killing cap-and-


100% LIE-

At this point Delusional Donald has told so many lies, and made up so many things, and said so many random things without a clue to what he might be talking about, it is difficult to guess where this lie comes from or what lie he is basing THIS lie on.


While I have already pretty well detailed that there are no such “climate rules” it is possible that he is calling cap and trade a “draconian climate rule”  since Trump does not give ANY hint or example of what in the hell he is talking about I will have to make my best guess what he is referring to in this lie, and since he says cap and trade after the initial lie that’s what I am going to go with.  If anyone happens to go to the same mental hospital as Delusional Donald and can find out what he is talking about, please let me know and ill post an update.


So lets get on with the debunking of this whopper of a lie.  I have already covered there is no climate rule, draconian or otherwise.  Since these “draconian climate rules” are made up fiction and only exist inside Delusional Donald’s damaged mind, I guess it would be safe to assume that they would not be considered by Congress.  Even though it is true that Congress does not ever evaluate imagined rules of any type that don’t exist, I don’t think saying this makes this any less of a 100% lie.


HOWEVER, if Trump IS referring to “cap and trade”, while this would make it at least something that was real and based in reality rather then just a figment of Trump’s imagination….it would still be a lie.


BTW aside from it being a disturbing lie, it is another example of how ignorant Trump is and how truly unqualified he is to be POTUS.


Let’s put aside the the fact that “cap and trade” was originally a REPUBLICAN idea first proposed by GW Bush. (like Obamacare and others). And the GOP were HUGE supporters of it all the way until, you guessed it, Obama was sworn in and he proposed it….and like everything else the GOP suddenly hated it.  Forgetting this for a second.


Obama did PROPOSE a cap and trade idea as part of a larger climate package a few years back, but like everything Obama proposes the GOP went to work to kill it by mounting a campaign of fear mongering and similar lies, and very quickly Cap and Trade was dead (and it still is).


So either DD is so ignorant and clueless that he does not know this happened already, or he thinks Americans’ are that stupid.  Either way, ignorance of the facts does not make an untrue lie ….not a lie… is still a lie.


President Obama has aggressively blocked the production of oil & natural gas:

He’s taken a huge percentage of the Alaska National Petroleum Reserve off the table

Oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down 10%.

100% LIE-

Actually this is 3 separate lies mashed together to make 1 even bigger whopper of a lie.

Since I have already repeatedly debunked the lie “President Obama has aggressively blocked the production of oil & natural gas” and provide examples and supporting facts in an earlier similar lie I wont repeat it here. It is worth noting once again that he STILL does not offer a single solitary piece of evidence to support this ridiculous lie.


The 2nd lie in this lie sandwich or, Liewitch, is

“He’s taken a huge percentage of the Alaska National Petroleum Reserve off the table”

This is both a complete lie AND another example of Delusional Donald’s total ignorance and lack of even the most basic information that he is TRYING to lie about….which is almost remarkable in the sheer amount of ignorance and utter lack of any knowledge or understanding about the lie he is TRYING to tell.  This is a perfect example of the type of thing Trump says that makes people like me say that he takes pathological lying and ignorance to a completely new level all together.


In order to explain and break this down a bit, let me start by assuming that what Trump is attempting to lie about is the recent ban Obama REINSTATED (GWB also eo this ban) a ban on 13million acres of the 29million acres in the ARTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE(ANWR). Since there is no such ban on the Alaska National Petroleum Reserve.


Giving Trump the benefit of him just being ignorant and not knowing the difference between the 2, and since Obama did put a recent ban on ANWR I will debunk this lie as if the lie did not contain the wrong place and discuss ANWR.


 But before I do, it should not go without notice that this level of ignorance and a lack of even knowing the difference or knowing the name of the place you are talking about made by a GOP Nominee for POTUS in his MAJOR ENERGY PLAN SPEECH, should really be alarming all by itself regardless of the lie.


Obama issued the ban following a 5 year open leasing period he opened up that issued 15 potential lease sales, under his authority given under the Outer Continental shelf Lands Act of 1953.


Many presidents of both party have previously banned this area before over the years, and this new ban was issued after much public input and research into the area.


The local people and governments in the area had been asking for this ban so the GOP should support this form of local decions making, and more importantly this area hosts one of the largest runs of sockeye salmon in the world, and supports a $2 billion a year fishing industry that provides 40% of the wild caught seafood in the United States.


So this is actually a job creating act made at the request of local government to protect an areas that even the oil industry says they have no near term interest in even exploring the area banned because it is not economically feasible to explore or drill there.  So this is a lie that he made to support made up fear mongering about the harm this ban will do with Nota single piece of evidence to support this absurd lie.


It is also worth nothing that since 202 oil and gas production in Alaska has fallen by 75% due to free market forces, so even without the small ban, there is no demand.


The 3rd and final lie in this triple-decker “liewitch” that Delusional Donald is spinning

Oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down 10%”

Is a made up lie with nothing to support it.  In the interest of brevity I will quickly debunk this by simply stating the most recent numbers from 2015


An average annual production of 609,000 barrels annually during Bush’s last term. And an average of 675,000 barrels per year during Obama’s term. Now im not a math wiz or an energy expert, but I am pretty sure that 675 is MORE then 609…isn’t it?  So since there is more now then when he took office it cant be true that its down 10%.



87% of available land in the Outer Continental Shelf has been put off limits.

100% TRUE!

WOOT, Delusional Donald has so far told a non-stop stream of one lie after another and I know how much he loves to “win” so I took this lone statement to give him a big W.


It is absolutely 100% true that about 85% of the OCS has been put off limits to energy development.


BUT(you knew there was a “but” didn’t you?)….BUT the OCS was put off limits 26 years ago as a result of a Congressional Moratorium…..Obama was still in school at the time so he had NOTHING to do with this.


BUT…the good news is (and what DD does not bother mentioning because I doubt he even is aware of it) in 2012 Congress enacted the OCS Lands Act.  Under this law OCS already banned remains banned for 5 years while BOEM develops a detailed top to bottom plan to open OCS up for the first time. The 5 year review would solicit input from key stakeholders including industry, local governments, residents and others, and would create a plan on the specifics of how they will lease that land to oil production.  This new Act has no impact on existing leases or land already open which currently consists of 5,000 active OCS leases covering 26 million acres and accounts for 16% of domestic oil production and 5% of domestic natural gas production.


There is a LOT of detail on this, including why liberals and environmentalist hate it (so shouldn’t Trump and the GOP love it?), but they key point is that for the first time Obama is going to open 85% of the OCS to energy exploration as a result.


So not only is Obama not blocking OCS development, he is massively expanding it


Atlantic Lease sales were closed down too – despite the fact that they would create 280,000 jobs and $23.5 billion in economic activity.

100% Lie-

The government did put a temporary ban on drilling in the Gulf following the worst man made disaster in the history of the United States when the Deepwater Horizon disaster happened.  But considering the historic scale of that disaster along with the almost incomprehensible damage it did, most sane people would agree that a temporary ban to investigate was pretty much required and the least that needed to be done to respond.


Since Trump provides ZERO additional information to clarify this lie, I have no idea what he is talking about here.  Is it possible that even this delusional pathological liar is suggesting that in the wake of Deepwater Horizon we should have just done nothing and kept on drilling?


Whatever delusion is responsible for this lie remains a mystery, so I can only debunk the lie on hat little he gives.


Since the first part of this about Obama closing down Atlantic leases is a lie that never happened, obviously the numbers he gives of lost jobs and economic activity are pure fiction that he pulled out of his round orifice to try and scare voters about how much damage was done when this imaginary thing that never happened occurred.


President Obama entered the United States into the Paris Climate Accords – unilaterally, and without the permission of Congress. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use right here in America.

These actions have denied millions of Americans access to the energy wealth sitting under our feet

100% LIE-

While it is true that the United States signed the Paris Climate Accord in April, everything else is just a flat out lie. Since starting a lie by stating a historical fact (we signed the accord) is only helpful if you are relaying the events of the day, it does not do anything to make the rest of this lie any less of a lie.


In the famous words of Inigo Montoya “I do not think that word means what you think it means”. The Paris Climate Accord has been signed by close to 200 nations which would make it the EXACT OPPOSITE of “unilateral”.  I again wish to argue that a person who does not even know what the word “unilateral” means has no business even running for POTUS.


While it is true that Obama did not consult Congress before signing, this is completely irrelevant since there is not a single thing in the accord that would even remotely require their consent.


To be more specific in debunking this lie.


Article 4 of the Paris agreement provides that “Each Party shall prepare, communicate and maintain successive nationally determined contributions that it intends to achieve. Parties shall pursue domestic mitigation measures with the aim of achieving the objectives of such contributions.”


Article 4 also provides for parties to update their national contributions every five years, with the expectation that each one will represent a progression over the one before.


Article 4 of the Paris agreement doesn’t create a new international legal obligation. It reiterates the obligations already contained in Article 4 of the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The United States became a party to the Framework Convention after the Senate gave its advice and consent by an overwhelming vote in 1992. That’s why legal experts say a new round of Senate advice and consent is not needed. (See here and here.)


Article 4 of the Framework Convention obligates the U.S. and every other party to “formulate, implement, publish and regularly update national … programs containing measures to mitigate climate change by addressing anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of all greenhouse gases.” The U.S. has been reporting periodically on its national program and its mitigation measures for nearly two decades.


What’s required under Article 3 of the Paris agreement is squarely within the obligations we already assumed under the Framework Convention. Leading up to the Paris conference, the U.S. announced its “Intended Nationally Determined Contribution” (INDC), which commits to achieve a 26 to 28 percent reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, from 2005 levels.


Our national contribution, and 185 others, are included in the Paris agreement. Under the agreement, countries will pursue their national emission reduction commitments through domestic measures. Countries are required to report on their actions and their progress, but this is an obligation the Senate already approved in 1992.


The same is true on adaptation, finance, and other aspects of the Paris agreement. The commitments the U.S. is making in the Paris agreement fall within the international legal obligations that the Senate consented to under the Framework Convention.


The Paris agreement states that the developed countries intend to continue mobilizing a combination of public and private sector funds to help developing countries curb their emissions and to avoid or recover from climate change impacts. But the agreement does not create new international funding obligations beyond those in the Framework Convention.


To be sure, Congress has to appropriate public funds that the U.S. contributes to these purposes. While some members of Congress want to block climate funding, they haven’t had the votes. For instance, a bill to block contributions to the Green Climate Fund failed in a key Senate committee earlier this year.

In short, what’s called for by the Paris agreement doesn’t create new international legal obligations. So the president doesn’t need a new round of Senate advice and consent before the U.S. can become a party to Paris.


As to the last part of this lie “. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use right here in America. These actions have denied millions of Americans access to the energy wealth sitting under our feet”

This actually is beyond just a pure lie and enters into pure fiction that Delusional Donald just flat made up out of thin air.


I have NO IDEA where he dreamed this lie up, but there is, of course, nothing in this agreement that gives any foreign ANYTHING any control over ANYTHING we do.  Since I have detailed what IS in the Paris Accord, and I have previously said I cant possibly debunk lies that are things purely made up out of thin air by Trump, I will not even try to.


Did I provide enough supporting facts to debunk this lie?


This is your treasure, and you – the American People – are entitled to share in the riches.

Neither True or False

This is just one of Delusional Donald’s patented rah rah comments so I wont spend anytime on the truthiness of it.


But I wanted to comment on it because this is one of the cheers he repeats often on this topic, and when you think about it, it is a really bizarre thing to say that contradicts with many other things he and the GOP say.


Trump is telling Americans that we are entitled to share in the riches (profits) from American energy, but he does not even attempt to explain what in the hell he is talking about and someone needs to ask him?


Is he saying Americans need to benefit from the new jobs energy companies create?  If so, Trump is the only person I have ever heard of referring to a job as “getting a share of the riches” of the particular sector that job is in.  Has anyone heard of this?


IF he is trying to imply that the billions of dollars in profits energy company executives and shareholders are getting from this energy boom (what 99% of Americans would consider as the “riches”) is something that Americans are entitled to a share of….which this comment and many other like it he makes clearly implies….then Trump really needs to give SOME detail on what he is talking about and how he plans to do this?


Last time I check it’s a free-market and energy companies are private businesses, so how is President Trump (or ANYONE) going to start taking a portion of their profits and share it with the American people.


Anyway you look at it Trumps comment is either very misleading, shockingly ignorant in thinking a Job is “a share of the riches” or both.



President Obama’s anti-energy orders have also weakened our security, by keeping us reliant on foreign sources of energy.

100% LIE

This Lie is a WHOPPER of a lie…one of those big rogue waves of a lie in a sea of smaller lie waves, but ill do my best to debunk it quickly.


I have already debunked his repeated lie about the non-existent anti-energy orders and regulations from Obama that only exist in the warped mind of Delusional Donald.

I even provided proof that the exact opposite is true and his orders are VERY pro-energy so no need to repeat it here.


The new lie that our security is weakened is not supported by a single solitary fact or even 1 piece of evidence, and Trump does not even attempt to make one up to try and prove this lie.  In fact, by any objective measurable metric you can think of to measure how secure we are from # of terrorist attacks to anything else all have declined over Obama’s term and are well below the previous President.


This is a lie Trump and many in the GOP often repeat in an attempt to scare people.  It is unsupported fear mongering plain and simple.


But even if both of those things were not complete lies, Trump does not even try to explain how an anti-energy order would contribute to making us less secure….its a very odd “cause and effect” relationship Trump is making here and one has to wondering what hallucination he was having when he made the connection to energy orders impacting security.  This is such a wild and bizarre made up lie that Only Trump has any idea what he is talking about.


The final lie is that he is trying to tell us that somehow the imaginary non-existent “Obama anti-energy orders” that somehow weakened our security was done so because they caused us to remain reliant on foreign sources of energy.


I have never heard ANYONE (besides delusional Donald) even imply that importing oil = weakened security, and of course he provides no explanation to try.


Key here is the further proof of Trumps utter ignorance and total lack of even basic understanding of how the global energy market works.  Since Trump seems to think that by America participating in the normal day to day business of buying and selling energy it is making us much less secure somehow.  What other normal daily transactions that we participate in does Trump think are a danger to our security?


This is beyond just a bunch of lies put together in an attempt to prove some paranoid notion he has about the Oil market born out of his total ignorance and enters into the realm of scary and qualifying for POTUS


Every dollar of energy we don’t explore here, is a dollar of energy that makes someone else rich over there.

If President Obama wanted to weaken America, he couldn’t have done a better job.

100% LIE-

This is a continuation of the lie and ignorance  of the previous debunked lie.  What I want to point out though is the scary level of ignorance this statement shows.


What Trump is describing about spending a dollar on oil is the natural daily operation of the global oil market.  Apparently Trump is so ignorant and uninformed about how it works he thinks that there is something bad about it caused by Obama that is endangering our nation.


This is a wild delusion that only Trump has any idea what he is talking about or why he thinks it, but since it is not even remotely grounded in reality I’m not going to spend time debunking a delusion he had.


For information purposes if any 5yr olds are reading this.  On Earth, all oil from all nations goes into a global pool of oil that is then put up for sale on the market and countries can purchase oil there at a price determined by the market and organizations like OPEC.  When prices are high nations like America might choose to import/buy less and use more of the domestic oil we produce….other times we may choose to export more oil for sale.


You can read more about how it all works and all the little things that influence it, but Trump’s ignorant lie that every dollar we spend buying oil on the market makes us poorer and our enemies richer, is just a delusion he made up from his utter ignorance….the energy market simply does not work anything like that







As bad as President Obama is, Hillary Clinton will be worse.

She will escalate the war against American energy, and unleash the EPA to control every aspect of our lives

100% LIE / Delusion Donald made up

HC has NEVER said anything that even REMOTELY could be interpreted as a war on energy, and she has made numerous statements and put out detailed proposals that do the EXACT OPPOSITE.


Since Trump does not cite a single fact or anything to support this absurd lie I will assume he could not think of another lie to make up to try and support this lie.


HC has made ZERO comments or put out anything in writing that talks about making ANY changes to the EPA let alone “unleashing the EPA to control every aspect of our lives”. So this is a paranoid delusion.


Additionally, I would LOVE to know what Trump think the EPA does or how HC is going to militarize the EPA to enable them to control every aspect of our lives.  This is such a crazy thing to say I is hard to believe someone considered a “serous” candidate for POTUS would say it.





She declared that “we’ve got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels,” locking away trillions in American wealth.

100% LIE/Fear mongering –

It’s hard to know why Trump would think something HC said that was part of a MUCH larger detailed Energy Proposal for America is some sort of separate coded signal that would result in the loss of Trillions of dollars of American wealth, but the rest of us can not phantom how anyone would think that the first thing meant the second.


I have already debunked similar delusional comments and Trump does not provide any new information or even one example to support it here, so I wont repeat it.


In March, Hillary Clinton said: “by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place.” Keep in mind, shale energy production could add 2 million jobs in 7 years.

100% LIE-

This is a typical lie that takes something HC said out of context and without the complete quote to make it look like it proves a different lie. In this case Trump is trying to say what HC said is proof she would do something bad to natural gas companies that would cause the loss of 2 million jobs.


To start with, like most NUMBERS Delusional Donald gives this 2million jobs is a lie.  Since he did not even try and provide a source for this lie I can not directly point to all the things wrong with it, but since the first part of his comment is 100% made up and never happened it would be impossible for something that NEVER HAPPENED to cause job loss or job gains or anything else for that matter in the real world.  Perhaps Trump has created a whole separate make-believe world in his on mind and that is where those jobs will disappear from.


A quick side note,  most of the time ANY GOP gives a job loss number in fracking to support some other lie it usually turns out that among other things, the number counts the same job in a new location as a net new job, that is obvious BS.  Fracking industry has a lot of jobs that are very short term in location for things like setting up wells, and when that “job” is done the “job” is eliminated but right away that exact same job is created in a different place for the next job.  Sometimes the same person does it sometimes it’s a different person, but either way counting the same job multiple times every time it moves location is a very special kind of lie.


As to the HC quote used to try and prove this lie in the first place, here is the ENTIRE quote.


Here’s how Clinton detailed her position during the March 6 debate in Flint, Michigan:

“I don’t support it when any locality or any state is against it, No. 1. I don’t support it when the release of methane or contamination of water is present. I don’t support it — No. 3 — unless we can require that anybody who fracks has to tell us exactly what chemicals they are using.

So by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place. And I think that’s the best approach, because right now, there are places where fracking is going on that are not sufficiently regulated.”


SO, what HC ACTUALLY said is that she supports fracking 100%, but will ensure that all fracking complies with 3 things

  1. Complies with all laws that regulate the release of methane or contamination of water
  2. Decision making on to allow or deny fracking in any particular location should be made by the LOCAL GOVERNMENT
  3. Fracking companies must disclose the contents of the chemicals they use….JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER COMPANY IN AMERICA

Obviously there is nothing here that proves HC would kill even a single job.  What HC is saying though is that for far too long the fracking industry has used its political and financial power to change laws and get special exceptions and exemptions that no other company in the United States gets.  So unless Trump is now advocating that the elite and some companies are above the law I don’t see how asking them to just comply with everyone else is a bad thing or a job killer.


The requirement about Local control also serves as further proof of the GOP lie about how they like small gov and local control (they NEVER have but it sounds good on a bumper sticker)  the truth is the GOP is in favor of whatever is best for the things THEY SUPPORT.   Currently many communities are discovering the many downsides to allowing fracking including pollution, chronic health issues, loss of farm land, cheating on royalties, even death, and in some cases the local governments and citizens have decided the risks and negatives far outweigh any possible benefit from fracking so they ban it……Because Trump and the GOP want to Frack everywhere(except where THEY live) and they DO think fracking companies are above the law, they have decided to take control away from local govs and over ride their expressed wishes.  


Keep this in mind the next time you hear Trump or a GOP drone on about big government or about how local governments know what they need and should be given power back


Yet, while Hillary Clinton doesn’t want American energy, she is strongly in favor of foreign energy. Here is what she told China as Secretary of State:

“American experts and Chinese experts will work to develop China’s natural gas resources. Imagine what it would mean for China if China unleashed its own natural gas resources so you are not dependent on foreign oil.”

Hillary Clinton has her priorities wrong. But we are going to turn all of that around.

100% LIE-

Something HC said while acting as Secretary of State, while visiting China as a representative of Obama and America, and in performance of her duties as mandated by the Constitution do not indicate ANYTHING about HER personal “priorities”  Either Trump is so stupid that he does not even know what a Secretary of State does, or who she is speaking for when performing her duties, or he thinks voters are that stupid, either way this is a ridiculous lie to try and take a SoS speech and use that as proof of what the person in the role believes…..this is a scary level of ignorance, and an absurd lie.




A Trump Administration will develop an America First energy plan. Here is how this plan will make America Wealthy Again:

American energy dominance will be declared a strategic economic and foreign policy goal of the United States.

America has 1.5 times as much oil as the combined proven resources of all OPEC countries; we have more Natural Gas than Russia, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia Combined; we have three times more coal than Russia. Our total untapped oil and gas reserves on federal lands equal an estimated $50 trillion.

100% LIE

Trump starts out by repeating the Bullshit Tag line about how his Energy plan is going to make AMERICA wealthy. As I have already pointed out we are not communist Russia, so unless Delusional Donald plans to overthrow the government, energy companies are PRIVATE COMPANIES and the POTUS does not have any authority or power to do anything the force private companies to share the profits with Citizens or anyone else. This is a lie he repeats that SOUNDS good and probably polls well, but is utter nonsense that means nothing and has no possibility of ever happening.




Trump goes on to say

“American energy dominance will be declared a strategic economic and foreign policy goal of the United States”

I have NO IDEA what in the hell this means (I doubt Trump does either). Nor does he explain what this means or even a single example of what this would entail or how it would change anything at all.  This is a hallmark “Trump Truth” it’s a combination of made up nonsense that SOUNDS good and sounds like what a strong leader might say, but in reality it is just total nonsense that has no actual meaning at all.


The real big part of this lie.  The part where Trump REALLY shows off how much of a Pathological Liar he really is  by taking lying to a whole new level, is the last part where he starts naming off statistics.  They are, of course, a complete lie he totally pulled out of his ass and not even remotely based on anything outside of his delusions.  Trump does not even bother to pretend like they are real by giving a source for the numbers, he just pretends like they are as real as gravity and rolls right along.  The true uniqueness about “Trump Truths” is that unlike typical lies politicians tell that are based on ½ truths or where the misrepresent data or quote a shill scientist or study when lying about statistics, Trump truths don’t even waste time with the pretense of being true.  While I have no idea how he arrived at the numbers he made up, they are so wildly wrong if he was not such a serious danger to America, I would almost admire the sheer magnitude of his lies.


Here are the ACTUAL numbers



Reserves amounts are listed in millions of barrels (MMbbl).

  Country Reserves (MMbbl)
 OPEC 1,112,448–1,199,707
1  Venezuela (see: Oil reserves in Venezuela) 297,740[1]
2  Saudi Arabia (see: Oil reserves in Saudi Arabia) 268,350[1]
3  Canada (see: Oil reserves in Canada) 173,625–175,200
4  Iran (see: Oil reserves in Iran) 157,300[2]
5  Iraq (see: Oil reserves in Iraq) 140,300[2]
6  Kuwait (see: Oil reserves in Kuwait) 104,000[1]
7  UAE (see: Oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates) 97,800
8  Russia (see: Oil reserves in Russia) 80,000[1]
9  Libya (see: Oil reserves in Libya) 48,014
10  Nigeria (see: Oil reserves in Nigeria) 37,200
11  United States (see: Oil reserves in the United States) 36,420[3]
12  Kazakhstan 30,002
13  China 25,585
14  Qatar 25,382
15  Brazil 13,986
16  Angola 10,470
17  Mexico (see: Oil reserves in Mexico) 10,364[1]
18  Algeria 9,940
19  Azerbaijan 7,000
19  Ecuador 7,000
21  Norway 6,900
21  United Kingdom 6,900
 European Union (Excluding the UK) 6,700
23  Malaysia 5,800
24  India 5,650–5,710[1][4][5]
25  Oman 5,500
26  Ghana (see: Oil reserves in Ghana) 5,000
27  Egypt 4,500
28  Vietnam 4,400
29  Australia 4,158
30  Indonesia 3,990–4,118
31  Gabon 3,700
32  Myanmar 3200
32  Yemen 3,000[6][7]
33  Sudan 2,800
34  Syria 2,500
35  Mongolia 2,493
36  Colombia 2,377
37  Argentina 2,330[8]
38  Congo, Republic of the 1,940
39  Equatorial Guinea 1,705
40  Chad 1,500
41  Peru 1,240
42  Brunei 1,200
43  Uganda 1,000
44  Denmark 900
45  Trinidad and Tobago 830
46  Romania 650
47  Turkmenistan 600
48  Uzbekistan 594
49  East Timor 554
50  Thailand 442
51  Tunisia 425
52  Italy 400
53  Ukraine 395
54  Pakistan 313
55  Netherlands 310
56  Germany 276
57  Turkey 262
58  Cameroon 200
58  Bolivia 200[1]
60  Albania 199
61  Belarus 198
62  Congo, Democratic Republic of the 180
63  Cuba (see: Oil reserves in Cuba) 124[1]
64  Papua New Guinea 170
65  Philippines 168
66  New Zealand 166
67  Chile 150
67  Spain 150
69  Bahrain 125
70  France 101
71  Ivory Coast 100
71  Mauritania 100
73  Poland 96
74  Austria 89
75  Guatemala 83
76  Afghanistan 80[9]
77  Suriname 79
78  Serbia 77
79  Croatia 66
81  Japan 44
82  Kyrgyzstan 40
83  Georgia 35
84  Hungary 26
85  Bangladesh 28
86  Bulgaria 15
86  South Africa 15
86  Czech Republic 15
89  Lithuania 12
99  Tajikistan 12
91  Greece 10
92  Slovakia 9
93  Benin 8
94  Belize 7
95  Taiwan 2
95  Israel 2
95  Barbados 2
98  Jordan 1
99  Morocco 0.7
100  Portugal 0.54[10]
101  Ethiopia 0.4





And for natural gas


Rank Country/Region Natural gas

proven reserves


Date of


Total  World 187,300,000,000,000  
1  Russia 48,700,000,000,000 12 June 2013 est.[5]
2  Iran (see: Natural gas reserves in Iran) 33,600,000,000,000 12 June 2013 est.[7]
3  Qatar 24,700,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
4  Turkmenistan 17,500,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
5  United States (see: Natural gas in the United States) 9,860,000,000,000 12 December 2013[9][10]
6  Saudi Arabia 8,600,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
7  Iraq 6,400,000,000,000 1 January 2012 est.[11]
8  Venezuela 5,724,500,000,000 19 July 2011[12]
9  Nigeria 5,100,000,000,000 June 2014.[8]
10  China (see: Natural gas in China) 4,643,000,000,000 1 January 2015[9]
11  Algeria 4,502,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
12  Australia 4,300,000,000,000 1 January 2014 est.[11]
14  Indonesia 3,001,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
15  Malaysia 2,350,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
16  Norway 2,313,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
17  United Arab Emirates 2,250,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
18  Kazakhstan 1,900,000,000,000 12 June 2013 est.[13]
19  Uzbekistan 1,841,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
20  Kuwait 1,798,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
21  Canada (see: Natural gas in Canada) 1,754,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
22  Egypt 1,656,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
23  Libya 1,539,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
24  Netherlands 1,416,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
25  Ukraine 1,104,000,000,000 1 January 2014 est.
26  India 1,075,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
27  Oman 849,500,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
28  Azerbaijan 849,500,000,000 1 January 2011 est.[1]
29  Pakistan 754,000,000,000 1 January 2014 est.[9]
30  Lebanon 750,400,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
31  Romania 726,000,000,000 1 January 2013 est.
32  Yemen 478,500,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
33  Trinidad and Tobago 436,100,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
34  Argentina 430,000,000,000 1 January 2014 est.
35  Brunei 390,800,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
36  Brazil 364,200,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
37  Mexico 359,700,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
38  Thailand 342,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
39  Colombia 377,000,000,000 1 January 2011 est.[14]
40  Peru 334,100,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
41  United Kingdom 292,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
42  Burma 283,200,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
43  Israel 199,000,000,000 1 January 2015 est.[15]
44  Bolivia 281,000,000,000 1 January 2015[16][17]
45  Angola 271,800,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
46  Syria 240,700,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
47  Papua New Guinea 226,500,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
47  Timor-Leste 200,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
48  Bangladesh 195,400,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
49  Germany 175,600,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
50  Ghana 165,000,000,000 13 May 2013 est.[18]
51  Poland 164,800,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
52  Cameroon 135,100,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
53  Mozambique 127,400,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
54  Philippines 108,700,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
55  Chile 97,970,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
56  Bahrain 92,030,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
57  Congo, Republic of the 90,610,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
58  Sudan 84,950,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
59  Cuba 70,790,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
60  Italy 69,830,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
61  Tunisia 65,130,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
62  Namibia 62,290,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
63  Denmark 61,300,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
64  Rwanda 56,630,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
65  Korea, South 50,000,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
66  Afghanistan 49,550,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
67  Serbia 48,140,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
68  Equatorial Guinea 36,810,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
69  New Zealand 33,980,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
70  Croatia 30,580,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
71  Cote d’Ivoire 28,320,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
72  Mauritania 28,320,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
73  Gabon 28,320,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
74  Ethiopia 24,920,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
75  Austria 24,800,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
76  Japan 20,900,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
77  Slovakia 14,160,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
78  Ireland 9,911,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
79  Georgia 8,495,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
80  Hungary 8,098,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
81  Ecuador 7,985,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
82  France 7,079,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
83  Tanzania 6,510,000,000 1 January 2013 est.[19]
84  Taiwan 6,229,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
85  Turkey 6,088,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
86  Jordan 6,031,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
87  Bulgaria 5,663,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
88  Tajikistan 5,663,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
89  Somalia 5,663,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
90  Kyrgyzstan 5,663,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
91  Czech Republic 3,072,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
92  Guatemala 2,960,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
93  Belarus 2,832,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
94  Spain 2,548,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
95  Morocco 1,501,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
96  Benin 1,133,000,000 1 January 2010 est.
97  Congo, Democratic Republic of the 991,100,000 1 January 2010 est.
98  Greece 991,100,000 1 January 2010 est.
99  Albania 849,500,000 1 January 2010 est.
100  Barbados 113,300,000 1 January 2010 est.
101  South Africa 27,160,000 1 January 2006 est.
102  Macau 300,000 1 January 2008 est.

TOTAL: 204.7 trillion cubic meters


And finally Coal


Proved recoverable coal reserves at end-2008 or 2011 (million tons (teragrams))[148]

Country Anthracite & Bituminous SubBituminous Lignite Total Percentage of World Total Year
 United States 108,501 98,618 30,176 237,295 22.6 2011
 Russia 49,088 97,472 10,450 157,010 14.4 2011
 China 62,200 33,700 18,600 114,500 12.6 2011
 Australia 37,100 2,100 37,200 76,400 8.9 2011
 India 56,100 0 4,500 60,600 7.0 2011
 Germany 99 0 40,600 40,699 4.7  
 Ukraine 15,351 16,577 1,945 33,873 3.9  
 Kazakhstan 21,500 0 12,100 33,600 3.9  
 South Africa 30,156 0 0 30,156 3.5  
 Serbia 9 361 13,400 13,770 1.6  
 Colombia 6,366 380 0 6,746 0.8  
 Canada 3,474 872 2,236 6,528 0.8  
 Poland 4,338 0 1,371 5,709 0.7  
 Indonesia 1,520 2,904 1,105 5,529 0.6  
 Brazil 0 4,559 0 4,559 0.5  
 Greece 0 0 3,020 3,020 0.4  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 484 0 2,369 2,853 0.3  
 Mongolia 1,170 0 1,350 2,520 0.3  
 Bulgaria 2 190 2,174 2,366 0.3  
 Pakistan 0 166 1,904 2,070 0.3  
 Turkey 529 0 1,814 2,343 0.3  
 Uzbekistan 47 0 1,853 1,900 0.2  
 Hungary 13 439 1,208 1,660 0.2  
 Thailand 0 0 1,239 1,239 0.1  
 Mexico 860 300 51 1,211 0.1  
 Iran 1,203 0 0 1,203 0.1  
 Czech Republic 192 0 908 1,100 0.1  
 Kyrgyzstan 0 0 812 812 0.1  
 Albania 0 0 794 794 0.1  
 North Korea 300 300 0 600 0.1  
 New Zealand 33 205 333-7,000 571–15,000[149] 0.1  
 Spain 200 300 30 530 0.1  
 Laos 4 0 499 503 0.1  
 Zimbabwe 502 0 0 502 0.1  
 Argentina 0 0 550 550 0.1 2011
All others 3,421 1,346 846 5,613 0.7  






Because this Lie is so ridiculous I will not waste my time cutting and pasting the raw data for each absurd made up number he gave about how much more of everything America has.  Suffice to say we have MUCH MUCH LESS. You can read the charts for yourself if you really want to know exactly how insanely wrong his numbers are.


BTW Trump said that we had that much more just on our Federal lands….the data I gave to debunk the lie gives our total for ALL of America not just federal lands, and he is STILL absurdly wrong.


We will become, and stay, totally independent of any need to import energy from the OPEC cartel or any nations hostile to our interests.

At the same time, we will work with our Gulf allies to develop a positive energy relationship as part of our anti-terrorism strategy

100% LIE

This is a lie wrapped in total ignorance and wrapped with a Trump Truth.


Everything in this lie further illustrates Delusional Donald’s utter ignorance and complete lack of understanding of even the most basic concepts of the energy sector.


I have already debunked the “energy independence” lie and provided detail of why it would be bad even if possible, but I wanted to also mention that its worth noting that Canada exports more oil then they import, by the definition of the term, Canada has achieved 100% energy independence because they produce more then they import.  The key fact that is relevant to this Trump Truth, is that even though Canada has achieved energy independence they choose to still buy oil on the market and import about 20% to 40% of their oil depending on prices.  This is a real world example of why this is a PR idea, and even if you could it would not be good to do it.  Trump is just too ignorant and uninformed to know this and he still thinks the pr lie every president has said is a real thing that would be good.


His continued ignorance about how the global energy market is further demonstrated by his comment about us not needing to import oil from OPEC or hostile nations…indicating that he thinks when you import oil you pick and choose which nation you but it from…AGAIN, all the oil goes into one big pool, someone really needs to educate Trump so he stops saying such blatantly ignorant things.


But this last part where he completely contradicts what he just said and what he said earlier as well might be my very favorite lie/ Trump Truth.  It is so stunning in its sheer level of ignorance it is beautiful

“At the same time, we will work with our Gulf allies to develop a positive energy relationship as part of our anti-terrorism strategy”

Everyone with a brain has already spotted the Trump Truth, but I love it so much I still want to point it out.


So just to clarify.  Trump is going to implent an energy policy that would make America 100% energy independent and make it so we no longer buy oil from other nations. AND AT THE SAME TIME he is going to develop a “positive energy relationship with our Gulf Allies”

HOW!?!?! If we isolate ourselves and no longer import energy, what is this imaginary energy relationship that you just needed going to consist of?


Ok enough picking on the simple kid. Obviously this is mutually exclusive even if it was possible….but wow that is incredible.


We will use the revenues from energy production to rebuild our roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure. Cheaper energy will also boost American agriculture.

We will get the bureaucracy out of the way of innovation, so we can pursue all forms of energy. This includes renewable energies and the technologies of the future. It includes nuclear, wind and solar energy – but not to the exclusion of other energy. The government should not pick winners and losers. Instead, it should remove obstacles to exploration. Any market has ups and downs, but lifting these draconian barriers will ensure that we are no longer at the mercy of global markets.

100% LIE-

Although this is mostly a campaign promise that normally would be neither true or false yet, because this promise is dependent on multiple, already debunked lies, to happen, it makes this promise complete fantasy. If his promise depended on the Earth being flat for them to happen, anyone would call it a lie….just like this.


A few additional Trump Truths of notes. He starts out talking about all the things he would do with “revenues from energy production”. As with so many Trump Truth’s he never even hints at WHAT revenue’s he is referring too, or how much he thinks that will be as a result of his “energy plan”.


While I could just rate this as a lie with not 1 supporting fact, I want to inform and be thurough, so I spent HOURS and read dozens of reports from the far right oil companies to the tree huggers of the Sierra club, and everything in between.


After all that research the best number I could come up with that would be generally acceptable to qualify as this “revenue” Delusional Donald might be referring to comes from Daryl Issa referencing income from oil and gas industry to the Minerals Management Service (MMS).


The Minerals Management Service, an office within the Interior Department that handles royalties, rents and other revenues from oil, natural gas and coal on federal land or in federal waters.


If you want to know why not use or include the IRS revenue the reason is because of all the subsidies given to the fossil fuel industry (over $4 billion a year) most companies get a tax refund. So right now taxes are not contributing to the revenue of the federal government.


However, if anyone wants to dispute the number I am using, or has some unique insight into what orifice Trump is pulling this “revenue” from. Ill be happy to look into it and update if im wrong.


To give Trump every possible benefit and use the best case scenario with the high end of the estimate I am using the revenue generated with oil at $110 ppb (today its $41ppb).  And on top of that I am not going to deduct the $4billion in subsidies or the $4.2bilion that is required to be distributed to states, trust funds and Indian tribes, and pretending every penny goes to the Fed.


Under this better then best case scenario “Revenues” over the most recent 5 year period ranged from $9.9Billion to $24.1Billion and if you average it out you get about $15.4Billion a year.  Again if you disagree or have any additional information that would drastically change this let me know because, unlike Trump, I’m wiling to admit a mistake and fix it when the facts warrant.  But as you are about to see even if you multiplied this by a factor of many it is not going to change the outcome much.


So with this $15billion in revenue Delusional Donald said


We will use the revenues from energy production to rebuild our roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure.”


The good news for DD is that over the last decade there has been a LOT of research and thousands of studies done on the state of our infrastructure and what needs to be done to fix it and modernize it before it falls apart and a whole new set of nightmares begin.

The most recent and universally accepted study was recently done and…..

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), whose definition of infrastructure also includes energy, waste, parks, and schools, estimates that in the United States it would take $2.2 trillion over five years to meet current needs; $1.1 trillion of that would be new spending.

5yrs x $15Billion is $75Billion.  That is not even a fraction of what is needed to even keep up with current normal maintenance let alone even dreaming of building anything new.

While this has been a fun and informative exercise to help further demonstrate the staggering level of Ignorance in what Trump says, the truth is that this particular lie he told is so vague, so utterly devoid of even a single hint of what he is TRYING to lie about or what he is referring to, that outside of proving tht this is a made up random lie that only Tump has any idea what he is talking about.

I keep doing this because I am trying to really drive home the point of how completely different the pathological lies and made up nonsense trump says day after day, from what is normal “lying” and dishonesty that almost all politicians do to varying degrees.

It is important to keep driving this point home because there are STILL people and “news” organizations that for reasons I cant grasp, are pretending like what Trump is doing is pretty much the same thing Hillary is doing and what all candidates have done….despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

But getting back to debunking the Trump Truth at hand.   After Donald goes through making up a bunch of random lies with no detail or frame of reference, ensuring that only Trump has a clue what in the hell he is trying to lie about, Trump blurts out a random non related factoid.

“Cheaper energy will also boost American agriculture.”

While this is true, agriculture is very dependent on energy, only trump knows why he said this or what he is attempting to tell us, because it has nothing to do with anything else he has been talking about (or does talk about).

IT is so random I SERIOUSLY am starting to wonder if he has some form of Turrets where he just involuntarily yells out a bunch of random non related factoids.  So much so, when he wanders off like this I feel like I should give him a cookie and pat him on the toupee and say “that’s right Donald, cheap energy will boost American agriculture” you are such a smart boy. MOVING ON…

Next Delusional Donald repeats a lie I debunked earlier with a small addition.

“We will get the bureaucracy out of the way of innovation, so we can pursue all forms of energy. This includes renewable energies and the technologies of the future. It includes nuclear, wind and solar energy – but not to the exclusion of other energy.

I have already proven that there is no bureaucracy or draconian regulations in the way of innovation, and since Trump does not offer any new supporting proof or even a scrap of evidence to change this lie….its still a lie

The new part is about allowing us to pursue all forms of energy.

While this falls into the category of a campaign or policy promise so it can’t be rated as true or false at this time, the problem with it is that…WE ARE ALREADY DOING THIS.  A more Truthy way to say this would have been “we are going to continue to pursue all forms of energy like Obama did”

So while technically not a “lie” it is misleading to insinuate that we are not doing this now and it would be something new as a result of his plan.  More of a “Trump Truth”

 The government should not pick winners and losers. Instead, it should remove obstacles to exploration. Any market has ups and downs, but lifting these draconian barriers will ensure that we are no longer at the mercy of global markets.

100% LIE / delusional Trump Truth made up out thin air with no frame of reference that only Delusional Donald has any idea what he is trying to say.


Hold on to your hats because this Trump Truth Train is about to loose control and go off the tracks and things are going to get a bit bumpy and hard to follow.


Trump actually STARTS out good, and for a second you almost think he is going to say something both true and worthy of consideration.

The government should not pick winners and losers.”

I think most Americans, myself included, would agree that this is a very good idea indeed, that we can all get behind, but then the Trump Train starts to loose control when he continues.

“Instead, it should remove obstacles to exploration.” This is a repeat of a lie I have already debunked.  The only obstacles to exploration are the ones Delusional Donald has made up and exist in his mind alone.


Quick side note. Because a Trump is starting to Repeat the same lies with only cosmetic changes, and I have already previously debunked them and provided evidence to do so. I don’t want to spend any more time saying this every time he does moving forward. And I don’t think anyone wants to read it over and over.


So from now on when Trump repeats some lie that I have already debunked previously in this speech. And he does not provide anything new to even try and support the lie I am simply going to say “REPEATED TRUMP TRUTH ALREADY DEBUNKED”  and move on.  That way I can spend my time debunking the new lies only…moving on, please brace for impact, the Trump Truth Train is about to derail.


Any market has ups and downs, but lifting these draconian barriers will ensure that we are no longer at the mercy of global markets”


WOW. Only someone as Pathological as Delusional Donald could even dream up a lie of this magnitude that is so insane it is actually making my head hurt reading it.


Any market has ups and downs


I will try to debunk this as quick as possible.  Yes, markets have ups and downs, that is very good here is your cookie.


“but lifting these draconian barriers”


I have….WAIT!…WHAT?!?!?  What “draconian barriers”?  what in the hell is he talking about?  Lifting THESE draconian barriers?  WHAT ONES?  He never once even made up a lie as an example…


Did I black out in the middle of this sentence and miss when he described the draconian barrier that he is referring too here?


Or is Trump carrying on a private conversation with the voices in his head that only he can hear and he doesn’t know that no one else has any idea what he’s referring to?


Since I can’t debunk something the voices in Trumps head said let’s move on.


barriers will ensure that we are no longer at the mercy of global markets”


I can feel my grip on reality begging to slip as a result of trying to glimpse inside the mind of Delusional Donald to understand what he is TRYING to say.


Am I starting to imagine things or didn’t Trump JUST say that “we should not pick winners and losers”? because if he DID say that and its not something I dreamed then this new Trump Truth is mutually exclusive.


By definition “not picking winners and losers” means you stay out of it and let the invisible hand of the all powerful free-market decide who the winners and losers are.  But now he is saying that we need to take action to ensure that we are not at the mercy of this free-market.


This is such an absurd Trump Truth comprised of made up nonsense, references to other conversations taking place in his imagination, promises that by definition means it is not possible for both of the contradictory lies to be true, but gives no indication which lie he wants to push, or if he is even remotely aware that the one lie precludes the other.


Because I could not even fathom where to begin tearing apart this mountain of Trump Truth I am just going to reiterate that everything in this paragraph is a ridiculous lie and move on


A Trump Administration will focus on real environmental challenges, not phony ones:


this is a lie for 2 reasons. First without Delusional Donald citing even a single example of what he means by “real environmental challenges” there is no possible way to know if what he plans to focus on even has anything to do with the environment, hell we cant even determine if Trump knows what the word means.


Second, he is saying that Obama &/or Hillary are focusing on “phony environmental challenges”  This is a bald face lie that I have already debunked.


We will reject Hillary Clinton’s poverty-expansion agenda that enriches her friends and makes everyone else poor.



Hillary Clinton has never proposed a “poverty-expansion agenda”, she has never proposed ANY agenda that ANYONE (besides Trump) has called and proven to be a “poverty-expansion agenda”, and AGAIN Delusional Donald does not bother to let the rest of us know what “agenda” of HC he is even referring to as “poverty-expanding”.


As a rule of thumb if you are going to make the statement that something is “a poverty-expanding agenda” you MUST also provide us with the specific agenda you are referring to.  Otherwise (like so many of his other lies) it is little more then more made up bullshit that no one but Trump even has a clue to what he is talking about.  A classic TRUMP TRUTH.


Because the first part is a complete lie/Trump Truth, and only Donald even has clue to what he is referring to, there is no reason to even bother debunking the rest of the lie about her friends because any imaginary agenda of any type does not exist in reality so it would be impossible for it to have any impact on her friends or anyone else.


We’ll solve real environmental problems in our communities like the need for clean and safe drinking water.

100% LIE- quintessential TRUMP TRUTH.


This is one of the biggest lies he tells and its one he repeats often. It is a text-book example of a TRUMP TRUTH. And I want to take a second to address it because its one of the things that points to how dangerous and unqualified he is and how the media and others continually fail to call him a liar every time he says this for reasons that defy logic.


The reason this is a TRUMP TRUTH is because when it comes to the environment there are DOZENS of specific examples and specific proposals from Trump himself (many right here in this speech) that prove he would destroy our environment and pollute our drinking water and pollute our air. But what makes Trump so different and makes people like me pull my hair out is apparently all Trump has to say is this exact lie over and over and despite the blaring alarm bells and shockingly dangerous examples of proposals and plans and statements he has made that would not just do the opposite of protect drinking water and clean air, but would do more to destroy them then any POTUS in our history… how is it possible no one is saying anything?  This is a Trump Truth


If I told people that we need to treat sick people and make sure Americans have someplace to go with a medical emergency because that is really important. But I also said I wanted to disband the health and human services, and defund the CDC at the same time.  THEN I said I’m in favor of closing all the hospitals in America because so many were loosing money and illegals were using them.  THEN I also proposed doing away with the laws and regulations that license doctors and nurses, and also getting rid of health care preventing regulations that tell doctors what they can and cant do to patients and give them 100% freedom to decide what is best. Then repeated but what I want to focus on is making sure we also take care of sick people and take care of emergencies…..if I said that everyone on earth would call me a raving lunatic that was delusional and possibly in need of professional mental care.

Yet Trump here has said

We’ll solve real environmental problems in our communities like the need for clean and safe drinking water.


And without explaining how he planned to do this AT ALL, he also details and promises he will end all the regulations that are responsible for keeping our drinking water safe and air clean. He would end the clean air and water act, disband the EPA, repeal the regulation that prevents oil companies from putting toxic levels of MERCURY in our air and water.  Allow fossil fuel companies to put whatever they want into the air and water without any rules or oversight…and on and on, yet no one is calling him a lunatic who has lost his damn mind and either is pathological liar who thinks everyone is stupid or is so dumb he does not see any contradiction in proposing specific actions that would pollute drinking water and pollute our air, and his promise to do the opposite (without any explanation or clue on how he will accomplish this)


IF we continue to allow these insane trump Truths to go unchallenged and treat him as a serous candidate then maybe we are as stupid as he believes we are by telling these absurd Trump Truths.


 President Obama actually tried to cut the funding for our drinking water infrastructure – even as he pushed to increase funding for his EPA bureaucrats.

100% LIE-

If you read the proposed budget that contains what he is lying about you will discover that he did NOT try to “cut the funding for our drinking water infrastructure” .  What ACTUALLY happened as part of the budget negotiations Obama has proposed reallocating some of the money originally linked to ONE program that has to do with DWI, and move it to a DIFFERENT program within the EPA that trys to address the DWI need in a different way.


Now, a number of people on both sides of the isle (myself included) do not like or think this is a good idea or a better way to do it, BUT saying he cut DWI is just a flat 100% LIE aimed at fear mongering


While Obama did ask for an overall increase in the EPA budget (along with several other agencies), there is nothing about asking for funding for the EXECUTIVES in the EPA, so this is just a made up lie to smear Obama.


American workers will be the ones building this new infrastructure.

100% LIE – Trump Truth / non-sequitur

Since this is a random comment out of left field that Trump just dropped in out of nowhere without bothering to let the rest of us know what the hell he is talking about its hard to know what this is.  And while you might instinctively assume that this would mean I cant possible claim this is a lie or true for that matter, but as I will quickly show….Yep, yes I can.


Even though Trump does not bother to introduce this subject change by letting the rest of us know the topic, since the only mention of “infrastructure” he could possibly be refereeing to (that’s based in reality and not his mind) is the DWI mentioned as part of his previous lie about Obama cutting funding to it.


So, If somehow I was wrong (despite all the supporting facts I gave) and Obama DID cut the funding, then there would be no money for these DWI on which American workers(or anyone else) could build it.


In the 99% more likely case that I am right and his claim was a lie and there is funding for DWI on which Americans could work. This is STILL a lie for 2 reasons.  First, Trump has already promised to dismantle the EPA in first 100days, so either he is lying about that (he is) or lying about this (he is also lying about this)


On the other hand, if Trump is lying about closing the EPA (he is) then he is lying due to his ignorance.  As someone who worked as a federal government contractor for over 20 years I can tell you that ANY government project that would require the gov to hire outside contractors for…like for a DWI construction project, are done under the GAO rules and regulations that govern HOW agencies put requests fo proposals out for bid and how the evaluate qualified bidders.


While it is possible that DWI has a rule that requires using only full American citizens (some bids do), then Trump has ZERO authority or ability to dictate that American workers must be used. Hell he cant even suggest what type of paper proposals should be written on.  For more detail on this please refer to the CONSTITUTION and the articles covering separation of powers.


Anyway you look at it this is a 100% lie


Here is my 100-day action plan:

Quick time out I need a strong drink before continuing…be right back.


We’re going to rescind all the job-destroying Obama executive actions including the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule



At this point of the speech Delusional Donald is making almost as many wrong/made up/ignorant statements as he is flat out lies and Trump Truth’s.  But considering at this point its clear he is at best a pathological liar, and at worst delusional and mentally unstable, and since many of his lies seem to include random statements that he just made up on the fly…. it’s to be expected there are also a number of factual errors.


Even PRETENDING to tell the truth does not seem to be that important to DD, and so far the incredible level of American voter’s stupidity have proven his gamble right….that we have almost as little regard for our elected leaders telling us the truth as they do with trying to tell it.


Now to detail the lies. As to the “the job-destroying Obama executive actions”  REPEATED TRUMP TRUTH ALREADY DEBUNKED.  Actually since I first debunked the “job-destroying “lie earlier I have actually found numerous studies done that have gone back and looked at the ACTUAL effect of similar EPA regulations and have found that most of them actually have resulted in a net-financial gain, more jobs, and all the other health and environmental benefits as well.  Even if most were a bit of a negative on jobs and economy the other benefits would probably still outweigh them, but now that there is substantial poof that they also create jobs and revenue…it REALLY puts a hole in this popular GOP lie.


Also, as to the

We’re going to rescind all the job-destroying Obama executive actions including the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule

Besides the debunked lie about them being job destroying, they are NOT executive actions, but rather rules and policy from the Constitutionally authorized agency (the EPA).


Because Trump finally offers a rare example and/or details that specify WHAT regs he is referring to this time he repeats the debunked lie, I feel it is only fair to provide direct evidence about THOSE as part of the debunking this time.  There have been about 9 studies done so far 5 by people that have used approved and excepted methodologies and provided transparency into their data and methodology as well as had them peer reviewed. While all 5 of the scientific un-biased studies all say generally the same thing, here is an excerpt of some of the findings.


The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to crack down on carbon pollution from power plants would create more than a quarter of a million additional jobs, according to a new analysis by economists using a trusted, sophisticated model.


The findings support the EPA’s argument that the benefits of its approach exceed the costs, and undermine the claims of the fossil fuel industry that the rules would cripple the economy.


“The proposed Clean Power Plan is likely to increase U.S. employment by up to 273,000 jobs,” said the report, which extends the forecast out to the year 2040. “For perspective, this is roughly the equivalent of one month of healthy job gains.”


Significant job losses at shuttered coal-fired plants and at coal mines would be offset not only by investments in cleaner sources of power, but also by productivity gains across the whole economy—and by overall reductions in wholesale prices of electricity, the authors said. Many households and businesses would end up with extra cash in hand to spend on other goods and services. The overall effect of the rules would boost economic growth, but not significantly.


The study was done by two economists, Doug Meade of the University of Maryland’s inter-industry forecasting project, and Jason Price of Industrial Economics, a private consulting firm. They applied a complex economic model to examine the impact of the proposal on jobs much more broadly than the agency has previously done.


We’re going to save the coal industry and other industries threatened by Hillary Clinton’s extremist agenda

100% LIE

REPEATED TRUMP TRUTH ALREADY DEBUNKED. While I have already given lots of proof that there is no such HC “extremist agenda” outside of Delusional Donalds warped brain, as well as the truth about what is really hurting the Coal industry, I have since found a new study that provides some more findings that are interesting.


In the spirit of education, I wanted to share some of this report. After you leave here consider googling it to read the whole thing.


Yes, the coal industry has sustained massive losses. For this, Trump blamed “stupid” regulations brought in by Obama: “Regulations that shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants”. But the real coal killer has been shale gas.


The Carbon Tracker think tank found last year the coal industry had entered into a “structural decline” and primarily blamed the huge decline in the price of shale gas along with increasingly competitive renewable energy.


“Lots of studies show that environmental rules are far less important than other economic factors like wages, global commodity prices, and cost of materials,” said Professor Patrick Parenteau from the Vermont Law School. “The coal industry has killed more mining jobs, not to mention miners, through mechanization than environmental regs. Natural gas has closed more coal plants than Obama. And so on.”


Trump took particular aim at Obama’s clean power plan, currently stalled in the supreme court. Recently released Energy Information Administration (EIA) projections for coal power show that the clean power plan is not the death knell for coal, as Trump says. The most carbon-intensive fuel made up 33% of electricity generation in 2015. With Obama’s clean power plan, that will slowly decline to 18% by 2040. If Trump has his way and the plan is scrapped, coal will continue to taper off to 26%.


Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund, said: “The solar industry alone employs more than four times as many people as the coal industry … Let’s talk about the jobs of tomorrow. That is what this election is about.”

“You got to get rid of some of the regulations,” Trump said. “[Coalmines] have people that do nothing but deal with regulators. It’s gotten out of control.”


Parenteau disagrees: “Overall, the data shows that on balance environmental regulations produce substantial net economic benefits for the nation.”


In conclusion, a whopper of a LIE


I’m going to ask Trans Canada to renew its permit application for the Keystone Pipeline

FUTURE PROMISE NEITHER TRUE OR FALSE. Trump is within his authority (if he wins) to ask Trans-Canada to resubmit is application.


We’re going to lift moratoriums on energy production in federal areas

100% LIE –


Again I discovered additional evidence and data that supports the other evidence I already gave in the previous debunking of this lie.


More than half the federally owned land approved for oil exploration and leased to energy firms for that purpose is going unexploited – because the companies holding the rights say it would be economically infeasible.


175 billion barrels of oil lie under federally owned land. 70 percent of that land has been approved for exploration and drilling. But 56 percent of it goes untapped. Offshore exploration is even more modest, with 72 percent of the area leased to energy interests not producing oil.


The Congressional Budget Office says the leaseholders are waiting until oil production becomes more profitable.


We’re going to revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies. These technologies create millions of jobs with a smaller footprint than ever before.

100% LIE

Once again Delusional Donald rambles off a lie that only he has any idea what he is lying about or the thing he is referencing as part of the lie.

In this case, Trump is pledging to


“revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies”


After 2hrs of research and reading numerous articles and even people who also discussed this speech, NO ONE could identify what in the hell Trump is referring to


Since the main part of this lie is yet another Trump Truth where only he has any clue what he is talking about, in obviously follows that an imaginary Policy that restricts a made up technology that only exists in Trumps the rest of of this Trump Truth is also a lie.


Even if this fantasy Trump Truth that has this new drilling technology also created millions of jobs, they would have to also be imaginary jobs that were done in the delusional corners of Trump’s imagination, so they would not have any impact in reality where the rest of us live


We’re going to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of U.S. tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs.

100% LIE / Ignorant confirmation

To be honest, this really is much more a demonstration of Delusional Donald’s ignorance & total lack of understanding of even the most basic facts of what he is talking about, but since it also complete bullshit it is still a lie.


First, he can’t “cancel” the Paris climate agreement. It is a framework signed by 190 countries and even if he took white out and deleted Obama’s signature, that would not “cancel” it.  A clear demonstration of just how truly stupid he is and his complete lack of understanding about what the Paris agreement is or how anything he is talking about actually works.


Second, There is nothing in the Paris Accords that requires the United States to do anything other than continue with the provisions that are already contained in Article 4 of the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Congress already approved those provisions, which were established under a Republican President.


So even if Trump MEANT TO SAY, he was going to withdraw the US from the commitments of the Paris agreement he is STILL wrong/lying, since we have already been doing it for almost 3 decades.


Finally, while he could request Congress does not continue to follow through with commitments the US has made (along with other nations) to help poor nations keep from destroying our planet, he is again showing his utter ignorance.  ANY POTUS does not posses that authority under the Constitution, so unless he’s planning on a Coup everything he said is bullshit and a lie.


Any regulation that is outdated, unnecessary, bad for workers, or contrary to the national interest will be scrapped.

100% LIE / pure stupidity

Trump often says some pretty stupid things, and this is one of my favorites because it also highlights his ignorance and how little he knows.


Why is this a lie?  Well.

According to the Office of the Federal Register, in 1998, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the official listing of all regulations in effect, contained a total of 134,723 pages in 201 volumes that claimed 19 feet of shelf space. In 1970, the CFR totaled only 54,834 pages.


The General Accountability Office (GAO) reports that in the four fiscal years from 1996 to 2015, a total of 91,716 new federal regulations went into effect.


So as of the writing of this blog, there are millions upon millions of these regulations and we are adding about 5,000-10,000 more every year.  Just READING them would take 40 years let alone any type of evaluation and action, so since what he is saying he is going to do is not possible in reality, it is a lie.


We will also eliminate duplication, provide regulatory certainty, and trust local officials and local


100% LIE

the part about duplication and regulatory certainty is a continuation of the lie I just debunked so I wont spend any more time proving they are a lie, but I do want to debunk the bullshit about “trusting” local officials and residents.


First, let me just quickly debunk it on its merits so I can spend a little time discussing how it is part of a bigger lie and problem within the GOP.


The AUTHORITY to “trust local officials and local residents”, Especially in regards to regulatory matters, and even more so on regulatory matters regarding energy rests within the State Governments, and Congress, &/or the SCOTUS..NOT THE POTUS or the executive branch!  Someone who was qualified for the job of POTUS would know this.


The ONLY thing Trump would have even a small amount of authority in this matter would be in regards to the EO’s he can issue or rescind, and even those can be overridden by Congress sometimes and the SCOTUS always.


Since the office of POTUS does not have the power under the Constitution do do what he is promising, this is a lie.


On a side note, the GOP LOVES to talk about taking power back from the Fed Gov or how Local govs and citizens know what they need best and should be allowed to govern themselves….they say it every day.


But even this year and even on Energy they expose how much of a lie this is all the time.  Numerous communities (local governments and citizens) have decided for various reasons they don’t want Fracking in their communities.  In EVERY case where the GOP has the Statehouse they have passed laws banning local governments from passing any such laws or regs if it does anything to inhibit fracking.


They  “trust local officials and local residents” as long as they do exactly what they are told and what the GOP wants, but the second they step out of line they are no longer trusted.   I wont spend more time then this but you should do some research because they do it all the time on every issue from abortion to voting to you name it.  So why they talk about small government and local control all the time, there is no proof that they believe in it or practice it and lots to prove it’s a lie.


By the way, in THIS plan he said he would approve the XL

Even though many local communities and governments in the path have said they don’t want it, so which one is he lying about?


Any future regulation will go through a simple test: is this regulation good for the American worker? If it doesn’t pass this test, the rule will not be approved.

100% Lie


Like everything else Delusional Donald does not bother to offer ANY, not ANY hint or indication HOW he will do this or what type of considerations will be used in the process or how he will determine what qualifies as “good”, but that is not what makes this a lie.


What DOES make this a lie is, again, his Ignorance.  Regulations are established by law through acts of Congress.  So like the previous lie I debunked he does not posses the authority under the Constitution to fulfill this promise.


Policy decisions will be public and transparent. They won’t be made on Hillary’s private email account.

Neither true nor false – Future Promise

Trump’s history has shown he is one of the least transparent people in the public eye, he does not even want to release his taxes and he’s constantly trying to hide things from the public.  HE is certainly entitled to this and his privacy so there is nothing inherently bad or wrong with being private, but it does run counter to what he is saying here.  I guess we will find out


We’re going to do all this while taking proper regard for rational environmental concerns. We are going to conserve our beautiful natural habitats, reserves and resources.

100% LIE- One of the BIGGEST lies he repeats


I have done days of research on Trump. What he has said, speeches, interviews, anything he has said or promised that is public and when it comes to the Environment there are few things that what Delusional Donald would do is more clear. If you love the environment, having clean air and non-poisoned water among other things here are the Pro-Environment Things Trump has said or promised (if you can find others please let me know)


From an environmental standpoint, my priorities are very simple: clean air and clean water


We are going to conserve our beautiful natural habitats, reserves and resources.



THAT’S IT! Now he has said those 2 things and variations of them again and again.  You know like how he said he LOVES Mexicans.  But not once has he even said one word about HOW.  This is a Trump Truth, a huge flaming pile of bullshit lie that he is hoping voters are so stupid they will think its true if he just says it over and over even when everything else he says or does proves he’s lying.


So how will Trump accomplish these Pro-Environment promises?  How is he going to conserve our clean air clean water and our beautiful natural habitats, reserves and resources?  Well, Trump HAS made a few other promises that would affect the environment and he even gave some specifics of what he would do (unlike the 2 above)


We’re going to lift moratoriums on energy production in federal areas


rescind all the job-destroying Obama executive actions including the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule


revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies


cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of U.S. tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs

future regulation will go through a simple test: is this regulation good for the American worker? If it doesn’t pass this test, the rule will not be approved. (notice the environmental impact will not even be considered)


During an interview on Fox the Environment also came up.


Q: Would you cut departments?

TRUMP: Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come out with new regulations.

Q: Who’s going to protect the environment?

TRUMP: We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.


He has also made it clear that he thinks Global Warming is a hoax started by the Chinese to destroy American businesses (he later said the Chinese thing was a joke, but still).  Not believing in Global Warming at this point is the same thing as saying “I don’t believe the Earth is round” there is the same amount of scientific proof of both. So you can believe whatever you want, but if you are so stupid you think the earth is flat and global warming is a hoax, you are not qualified to be POTUS


Look, you can agree with Trump. You can think that the EPA should go and that any rule that he even THINKS is anti-job revoked.  You can think jobs>everything if you want.  But you cant do what he is promising and say what he said and then pretend like you give a shit about our environment or pollution because it is a lie.


In a Trump Administration, political activists with extreme agendas will no longer write the rules. Instead, we will work with conservationists whose only agenda is protecting nature. From an environmental standpoint, my priorities are very simple: clean air and clean water.


This is such an absurdly ridiculous lie in it magnitude and scope it actually pisses me off that a candidate for POTUS would think voters are so stupid that he could tell a lie this big and they would believe it….the fact that I know they will makes me depressed.


But since I have debunked most of this already and it really upsets me even thinking about the ignorance and lack of respect for voters a lie like this reflects so im going to try and move through this quickly.


This is a Trump Truth because he tells this lie that’s been debunked and that he himself JUST said he would do the opposite, and he fails to offer any explanation of what/who he is talking about or how he would do it.


Who are these “political activists with extreme agenda”?  Lobbyist? People HE thinks qualify?  What qualifies a person as an activist with an extreme agenda?  Like all Trump Truths, he never bothers to say.

For 15minutes he just got done talking about all the things he is going to do that ANY actual Conservationist whos agenda is protecting nature would loose their damn mind.  Detailing the most anti-environment action plan of any POTUS in history.  Said hes going to disband the EPA revoke the clean water act, end all regulations that protect the environment, fuck the Paris Agreement, and, ooo yeah, thinks the earth is flat and Global Warming is a hoax.


Forget the fact that you would have to be legally mentally deficient to believe Trump wants to let True Conservationist help make decisions, there is not a TRUE Conservationist on Earth that would even consider speaking with him let alone working for him.  Besides they will be too busy trying to undue all the things Trump is doing that’s destroying the environment to meet with him.


How can Donald Trump’s priorities be clean air and water, when he wants to increase the amount of fossil fuels that are burned, releasing record-breaking amounts of toxins into America’s air and water?







My America First energy plan will do for the American People what Hillary Clinton will never do: create real jobs and real wage growth.

100% LIE – for many many reasons

First, this is not a “Plan” let alone an “energy Plan” any more then his “100 day action plan” was an action plan.  Not by ANY definition of the word. Further proof of his ignorance.


It has no detail, no specifics, Hell, half of what he says no one even knows what in the hell he is talking about but him.  He has numerous errors and mistakes.  Etc etc.  This is a “plan” like Global Warming is a hoax.


To be clear the definition of a plan by Webster is

a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something


Second, He has offered NO evidence that HC will never create jobs or wage growth.  I am not saying that she will or that I don’t think Trump’s reasons she wont are wrong…im saying Trump has not even offered ANY reasons at all.  It might be different if he at least offered some evidence or support for the statement, had he done that I might not agree with him, but this would not be a lie.  But when you say something like this, and don’t even offer a single solitary reason or scrap of proof to show why he is saying that, it is a lie, it is something he just pulled out of his ass because he does not like her, and that is not ok.


And on the subject of Trump not offering any supporting evidence or examples or proof, not only did he not offer any for his comment about HC, he has not offered any for himself.


NOWHERE in this plan (no matter what you think of it) has he offered a single piece of evidence or detail of how his “energy plan” is going to create real jobs and real wage growth.  Again, im not saying I don’t agree with his “plan” or the details for how he will do it, im saying it does not exist.    This is a Trump Truth.  He makes a wild out of left filed comment that he pulls out of his ass, does not offer ANY details or proof to support it and hopes no one will notice he is just making it up.



According to the Institute for Energy Research, lifting the restrictions on American energy will create a flood of new jobs:

Almost a $700 billion increase in annual economic output over the next 30 years.

More than a $30 billion increase in annual wages over the next 7 years.

Over the next four decades, more than $20 trillion in additional economic activity and $6 trillion in new tax revenue.

The oil and natural gas industry supports 10 million high-paying Americans jobs and can create another 400,000 new jobs per year. This exploration will also create a resurgence in American manufacturing — dramatically reducing both our trade deficit and our budget deficit.

100% LIE-

Finally Delusional Donald gives us some “supporting evidence” for his claim. Granted he was reading from someone elses report, but even so he STILL gets it all wrong and looks even more ignorant in the process.


As a rule of thumb, when you tell a big lie, don’t use more lies to try and prove it…you know, because it’s a lie so by definition you can’t, you just add more lies like Trump did here.


Rather then debunking every number and statistic he gave, they are all from the same IER Report so I can just debunk that and then take on the rest.


It is relevant to know WHO the IER is, and it is

The Institute for Energy Research (IER), founded in 1989 from a predecessor non-profit organization registered by Charles G. Koch and Robert L. Bradley Jr., advocates positions on environmental issues including deregulation of utilities, climate change denial, and claims that conventional energy sources are virtually limitless. It is a member of the Sustainable Development Network. The IER’s President was formerly Director of Public Relations Policy at Enron.


So IER is a right wing “think tank” staffed and financed by the oil industry.  You can do your own research as I did, but I  can tell you I have not found a single non-partisan scientific or energy group or expert that has not debunked every report they put out.


Since as usual Trump does not bother to tell us WHICH IER report he is quoting from I had to do research and find it and it was a paper put out as part of trying to get the ban on American Oil Exports lifted.  As far as reports go, it was not COMPLETE bs, but it did make some almost unrealistic assumptions in an effort to make their case to lift the ban, and of the 9 reports on the same topic, none came close to the same conclusions as IER…that aside let’s stick to the FACTS and not their predictions.



First, Trump starts by reinforcing his ignorance

According to the Institute for Energy Research, lifting the restrictions..”

Had Trump actually READ the IER report he is quoting or knew ANYTHING about it he would know that the “restrictions” they are talking about is the restrictions on being able to export oil and gas…..which HAS ALREADY BEEN LIFTED!   This is the type of thing that pisses me off when the “real media” does not even challenge Trump on.


After Trump advocates for lifting a ban that was lifted as part of his plan he goes on to quote the predicted benefit of doing this thing that was already done.  While I wont spend much time on debunking their predictions there are a few key points.


Almost a $700 billion increase in annual economic output over the next 30 years.

More than a $30 billion increase in annual wages over the next 7 years.

Over the next four decades, more than $20 trillion in additional economic activity and $6 trillion in new tax revenue.

The oil and natural gas industry supports 10 million high-paying Americans jobs and can create another 400,000 new jobs per year. This exploration will also create a resurgence in American manufacturing — dramatically reducing both our trade deficit and our budget deficit.


The Oil and Gas industry DOES NOT EMPLOY ANYWHERE NEAR 10 million people. That is a bs number that includes McDonald cashiers, Cops and others that has been roundly debunked.


2015 the last year for full reporting the oil and gas industry employes 580,442 direct and indirect people in America and the Renewable energy industry employes 769,000 direct and indirect . not to mention green jobs are growing at significantly higher rate the oil & gas who are actually currently shedding jobs  325,000 jobs lost world wide so far this year in oil and gas.  Not to mention the green jobs are better paying and safer.  In otherwords, if you ACTUALLY cared about creating jobs you would be a big fan of renewables since they are safer, growing and better paying, but we know that’s not what Trump or any of them actually care about.


The report contains some very optimistic predictions about how great things will be for oil and gas in 2025 and while it sure looks like bullshit there is no way to truly say its true or false.


BUT, considering EVERY non-partisan report says the opposite of the IER you can place your bets.  Rignt now the Oil and Gas industry is LOOSING jobs and CLOSING plants, mines and rigs.  Every expert expects this to continue or get worse especially for coal.  Meanwhile Clean Energy jobs are growing at 6% to 24% per year in American depending on which part. Wages are also increasing and this is only expected to increase as world wide demand also increases.


While it is not possible to debunk a prediction for 2025, a sane person would look at the data and what is happening and most people would say that if you care about jobs and wages (even if you don’t give a crap about the environment) everything indicates Clean Energy is what you should focus on


Lastly since jobs and revenue are decreasing the rest of what he said cant possibly happen either. The good news is despite Trumps lie and ignorance most experts do expect a resurgence in American manufacturing but NOT because of what Trump thinks.  Low price of LPN & the rapidly growing clean energy industry is what is driving that.


The last thing he said was about the debt and deficit which I already debunked but as a reminder.  All this bs aside, the fed takes in a little under $10billion a year from the oil and gas industry.  Our Debt alone is at $19 TRILLION, plus all that infrastructure he is going to build.   Im not a math wiz but even I can figure out $10 billion is not going to be able to do ANY of the things he is promising.


One last point about that huge $6trilion tax winfall he is planning to get from the oil and gas industry to pay down the debt with.


Oil and gas companies pay between less then 0% and 11.2%.WHEN  they actually bother to pay it…..whcih most don’t since they can defer it for decades with no interest or pentalties….which most do.   Last year the IRS showed a $4 billion REFUND to the oil and gas industry.  So I have NO idea(nor does he) what he is talking about.  Maybe he is using the 44% number that the O&G industry PR puts out as their tax rate.  And if you are thinking that Trump will change that by getting rid of all the subsidies and tax brakes they get consider this.  Since 2002 democrats have tried 28 times to end some or all of those subsidies. And not only has the GOP prevented that every time, they have actually ADDED new ones 11 times in the same period.


Compare this future to Hillary Clinton’s Venezuela-style politics of poverty. If you think about it, not one idea Hillary Clinton has will actually create a single net job or create a single new dollar to put in workers’ pockets. In fact, every idea Hillary has will make jobs disappear. Hillary Clinton’s agenda is job destruction. My agenda is job creation.

100% LIE

Unlike Delusional Donald Hillary has actually put out several DETAILED plans that are ACTUAL plans.  Since it is clear Trump has not read ANY of them I will highlight a bit here to debunk his lie, but everyone should also go read them.  I don’t agree with everything in them, but there are some good ideas, and despite Trump’s lies here there are several plans for job creation with some detail of HOW.


Clinton’s energy plan begins with the following words: “Create good-paying jobs by making the United States the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. Set national goals to have 500 million solar panels installed; generate enough renewable energy to power every home in America; cut energy waste in homes, schools, and hospitals by a third; and reduce American oil consumption by a third.”


She wants to tax and regulate our workers to the point of extinction.

100% LIE

her economic policy is to “Give working families a raise, and tax relief that helps them manage rising costs.”


She wants terrible trade deals, like NAFTA, signed by her husband, that will empty out our manufacturing.

During her time as Secretary of State, she surrendered to China – allowing them to steal hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property.

She let them devalue their currency and add more than a trillion dollars to our trade deficit.

Then there was Libya.

Secretary Clinton’s reckless Libya invasion handed the country over to ISIS, which now controls the oil.

The Middle East that Clinton inherited was far less dangerous than the Middle East she left us with today.

Her reckless decisions in Iraq, Libya, Iran, Egypt and Syria have made the Middle East more unstable than ever before. 100%LIE

So far Delusional Donald has told one lie after another and while this is another one it is also an example of the pure ignorance and conspiracy theory and lack of statesmenship that exists in Trumps party today. And this is beyond just a lie, its ugly.


HC had nothing to do with NAFTA you cant blame her for something her husband did despite all your efforts, BUT the one bill she was in the Senate to vote on she voted NO, CAFTA, so aside from this being a lie and hateful, facts say otherwise.  Saying she “surrendered” to China or anyone is beyond ignorant, its not just a lie, its hatemongering and a stupid thing for anyone to say let alone a POTUS candidate.

She did not devalue the yen or give away a penny in IP.  Thi is all just GOP hate speech and since Trump did not provide even an example to support this ignorance its still a lie.


SoS’s don’t invade nations or set any policy so everything else that follows is just an ignorant lie based on a lie.



The Hillary Clinton foreign policy legacy is chaos.

Hillary Clinton also wants totally open borders in America, which would further plunge our workers into poverty.

Hillary’s open borders agenda means a young single mom living in poverty would have to compete for a job or a raise against millions of lower-wage workers rushing into the country, but she doesn’t care.

My agenda will be accomplished through a series of reforms that put America First:


HC NEVER said, nor did she propose opening our borders this is a flat lie and hatespeach.


Energy reform that creates trillions in new wealth.

Immigration reform that protects our borders and defends our workers.

Tax reform that brings millions of new jobs to America.

Regulation reform that eliminates stupid rules that send our jobs overseas.

Welfare reform that requires employers to recruit from the unemployment office – not the immigration office.

Trade reform that brings back our manufacturing jobs and stands up to countries that cheat.

Neither true nor false Trump Truth. This is a rah rah promise of all the great things he is going to do, but it should be noted that he still has failed to provide even a single detail or how he intends to do a single one of these things, and most of what he is promising is to fix things that don’t exist and are part of the right wing conspiracy loons.  I have already debunked each of these already.







There is one more thing we must do to make America wealthy again: we have to make our communities safe again.

Violent crime is rising in major cities across the country. This is unacceptable. Every parent has the right to raise their kids in safety.

100% LIE-

Violent crime has been decreasing since the early 1990’s in major cities


When we put political correctness before justice, we hurt those who have the least. It undermines their schools, slashes the value of their homes, and drives away their jobs.

Neither true nor false



Crime is a stealth tax on the poor.

To those living in fear, I say: help is coming. A Trump Administration will return law and order to America. Security is not something that should only be enjoyed by the rich and powerful.

By the way, I was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, and we are not going to let Hillary Clinton abolish the 2nd amendment, either.

100% LIE

since crime is not on the rise as I noted debunking previous lie, only Trump has any idea what in the hell he is talking about here.  However, whatever he is talking about since he hasn’t bother to clue us in or provide ANY specifics of how he is going to do this imaginary thing, it obviously cant be true.


Once again HC has no plans to abolish the 2nd this is a flat lie.


My reform agenda is going to bring wealth and security to the poorest communities in this country.

What does Hillary have to offer the poor but more of the same?

In Chicago, for instance, one-fourth of young Hispanics and one-third of young African-Americans are unemployed.

My message today to all the people trapped in poverty is this: politicians like Hillary Clinton have failed you.

They have used you.

You need something new. I am the only who will deliver it.

We are going to put America back to work.


We are going to put people before government.

We are going to rebuild our inner cities.

We are going to make you and your family safe, secure and prosperous.

The choice in November is a choice between a Clinton Agenda that puts Donors First – or a new agenda that puts America First.

It is a choice between a Clinton government of, by and for the powerful – or a return to government of, by and for the people.

It is a choice between certain decline, or a revival of America’s promise.

The people in charge of our government say things can’t change.

I am here to tell you that things have to change.

They want you to keep trusting the same people who’ve betrayed you.

I am here to tell you that if you keep supporting those who’ve let you down, then you will keep getting let down for the rest of your life.

I am prepared to kick the special interests out of Washington, D.C. and to hand their seat of power over to you.

It’s about time.

Together, we will put the American people first again.

We will make our communities wealthy again.

We will make our cities safe again.

We will make our country strong again.

Ladies and Gentlemen: We will make America Great Again.


Neither true or false-

More pep rally bs.  However, again remember Trump has yet to provide one single detail of HOW he is going to do anything here he is promising, nor anything else.